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Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Add Password To Files

How To Add Password To Files

Adding password to files is very easy using WinRAR software which is a free extractor tool; perform following steps to set password on files.

  • Create a new WinRAR zip archive by right clicking and choosing new and then WinRAR archive

How To Add Password To Files
  • Open Archive after creating 
  • Drop the file to be protected into the archive so that following window appears;
How To Add Password To Files
  • When you drop file into the folder window, a new window appears (Right one in above image) from there select set password 
  • Set the password by entering password into left window in above picture and click ok 
  • After setting password if you try to open files following window appears prompting for password 
  • So your files are password protected now 
  • Note: password will be required for extracting and after extraction file will no longer password protected
How To Add Password To Files