Du Browser Latest v6.4.0.4 APK Free Download For Android

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About Baidu Brower

Baidu Brower app is considered to be one of the best secure and convenient browsers that help the Android user to search the web super fastly and in a completely safe and secure way, with Du browser app you can see the latest news, video, sports and much more on one click.

Baidu Browser ApkWell, we have lots of web browsers like UB Browser, UC Mini, Opera, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Web Browser, internet explorer, and much more but Baidu (DU) browser is a more convenient and fast browser for your android that operates smoothly and proficiently.

The advantage of this browser over other browsers is that it operates very fast and it increases 30% of your browsing speed as compared to other mobile browsers on the web. Well, this app has an additional functionality of built-in video player. Due to this, you don’t need to install any additional app for playing multimedia contents.

This app allows its users to set their desired home page and users can also add shortcuts for easy and continent access, with these you can also add a widget to on your home screen for quick access. 
It is the best choice for your android for simple interference along with high browsing speed. 
It also makes its users secure from online viruses while surfing the web. What are you waiting for! Just click the link given below and download the Latest version APK of Baidu (DU) browser and enjoy the web surfing in a totally new and faster way.

Key Features:

  • Baidu (DU) browser due to its registered engine speeds up and load web pages very instantly.
  • With its awesome website security, Baidu (DU) browser will warn you whenever you will browse a website with any virus.
  • Like Google Chrome Baidu (DU) browser also offers an incognito mode that will not store any web history and helps you to for privacy protection.
  • For quick access add widgets of your favorite website on the homepage and access them whenever you want to visit them.
  • It will make a list of most visited site for future access.
  • Search address bar that will automatically search your required data from multiple search engine.
  • Download movies, photos, videos and songs with a mega fast speed.
  • This app allows you to set your favorite images to personalize your web browser.
  • Keeps you up to date with the daily whether reports.

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