360 Security Lite APK Latest Download for Android

Download the lightest and speed promoter APK file of 360 Security lite from below on this page for free. It makes the performance of your Android device faster, safer, smoother and quicker. This is the only all in one Android device optimizer.

It makes your smartphone or tablet faster, cleans junk files and manages the memory space. In addition to this, it improves apps performance, cleans Trojan horse and extends your device battery life. It also keeps your device safe from worms. This app does much to make sure that your device is super-fast as well as it looks after your privacy.

360 security lite absolutely designed for the lowest consumption of power. Furthermore, the priority of this app is, to make android tools safer and faster. These tools are in a row on RAM of fewer than 1 GB.

In addition, the antivirus engine of the app is popular among over 200 million Android users. Its data-bank is modernized on a systematic basis to certify that your device is not dangerous. Moreover, it is safe and sounds contrary to Trojan horses, Viruses, spyware and other malevolent software.

Download 360 Security Lite file in order to prolong Battery life intelligently by preventing the out of sight power eating apps. Android tools are generally filled with a bundle of different apps.

Besides, most of them are power-consuming ones by shutting down those power-hungry Apps. It extends the life duration of your phone battery. In other words, it makes draining battery much slower.

360 Security Lite

More about 360 Security Lite APK

In certain circumstances, huge sizes of transitory documents kept in either SD card or the internal memory of your phone. You have to take out those files to free up memory. In fact, it improves the performance of your phone.

360 Security lite also helps you to remove app caches or clean trash files with its one-tap clean feature. It detects those unwanted large files that are unreasonably grabbing storage on your device. Then it takes out those files. Furthermore, by removing those files it makes more memory space availability. Similarly, it will make the performance of your Android phone or tablet more superior.

The award-winning antivirus engine of the 360 Security Lite is categorically ideal having intelligent cloud Scan. In addition to this, the antivirus system fully scans your Android phone within a few seconds. In fact, it makes your device performance high and more protected from the malware and virulent software’s.

To get multi-level real-time protection, quick scanner, battery saver, junk cleaner and Cache Cleaner. Moreover, just click to download the APK file of the app from the below link. It is all in one optimizer to keep your smartphone or tablet new and smooth.

It offered by 360 Mobile Security Limited. And requires Android 4.0 and up. 

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