Africa TV APK – AfreecaTV (Korean) Latest v2.4.5 Free Download For Android 2.3 and up

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Africa TV APK - AfreecaTV (Korean) Latest v2.4.5 Free Download For Android 2.3 and up 1

Download Free Africa TV-AfreecaTV (Korean) Latest v2.4.5 [APK]

Free download new version of Africa TV App APK for Android Mobile phones, tablets and smartphones. Here on our website we have provided the latest updated version of Africa TV-AfreecaTV (Korean) App APK for Android smartphones and all android mobiles phones. You can download the latest version of AfreecaTV App APK from below download link that we have provided at the end of this page. Just click on download link of Africa TV-AfreecaTV (Korean) App APK in order to download the App.African TV has been completely renewed with update!
Try now experience the very new African TV.Africa TV, sports broadcasts, game shows, talk shows, terrestrial and cable broadcasting, including a variety of real-time features and is the nation’s leading broadcast service that provides live video using the camera feature of Android devices. 
sliding menu that opens anywhere in the appearance of the app! 
available immediately directly useful to a variety of content and functionality you need. 
Want to see the broadcast, do not miss it perfect for the most HOT broadcasts movies and now me! 
you do now will find just unfold before your eyes.

Key Features of Africa TV-AfreecaTV (Korean) App Apk:

  • HD quality, now enjoy for free! 
  • Mobile basic quality has been improved in HD. Africa now enjoy the nectar quality of free TV! 
  • the best fun you’ve met on the African TV! 
  • Do not hesitation any more. Fun TV / video – all in Africa is TV. Look for free right now to meet the highest quality.
  • K League Classic, basketball, volleyball, NBA basketball / UFC, Road FC, EPL 
Terrestrial / Cable:
  • “gaekon” “1 Night 2 Days” KBS’s from “sonseokhui the newsroom, “” witch hunt “,” Non Summit of “JTBC, Channel A and TV Chosun, MBN, YTN also got to see ~ 
  • One Piece / Naruto / Bleach most popular animation, such as providing free! 
Game Broadcast: 
  • LOL Champions (Champions roll) / NLB / Starcraft 2 Star League and Pro League games such as Yahoo! Broadcast 
  • African TV search restructuring 
  • Experience the search became more convenient and clever! 
  • recommended for the accurate search results, keyword auto-completion, such as the BJ profile has been enhanced search capabilities. 
While You Were Sleeping:
  • African Mobile TV app even fall asleep! Additional features Sleep Mode 
  • African TV If in case you fall asleep while mobile kyeodun the set time has elapsed Sleep Mode feature that has been added to the list Go to the broadcast. 
  • Fun doubled up with African TV friends! African TV Game Center: 
  • Mercenaries million, Empire, Sword Girls games and download and chocolate also get ~ 
  • received chocolate in the chocolate shop Please also exchange game items! 
Vertical broadcast jemat look vertically: 
  • World’s first! Meet vertical viewing mode optimized for screen TV in Africa, 
  • mobile games, entertainer, such as jikkaem broadcast aspect ratio can watch in full screen on the TV 9:16 (Note: You may be confused broadcast that the game haneungeonji florisil . 
  • In the mobile and communications and BJ! Personal Mobile station: 
  • Check the individual stations in the mobile and post on bulletin board, written comments, photographs and contents of attachments are available to all individuals, including stations freely. 
  • If in Android OS 2.x for the use of private stations aneusi not smooth, a separate browser (Firefox , please use after installing the Dolphine, etc.). 
I also send text while watching TV! Pop-up mode: 
  • Try watching TV broadcasting in Africa more freedom! Pressing the Mode pop-up icon on the left shows the screen while watching TV Africa Pop-up modes that you can use another app is enabled. 
  • Please move your finger to the desired location in the state, touch the pop-up mode. You can freely adjust the position of the pop-up mode. 
  • Yisimyeon move to the state, touch two fingers on the pop-up mode, you can adjust the image size pop-up mode. 
  • When you make and receive calls with your phone while viewing the pop-up mode has a pop-up mode will be terminated temporarily. Temporarily shut down the pop-up mode are too not consume the data to add, feel free to safely get on the phone. 
  • Pop-up mode can remember the bonbang / relay room information on the broadcast user you are watching.Therefore, if the screen when you switch to full screen mode, just switch from the pop-up position and gyesideon bonbang / relay room will remain intact. 
  • However, using the pop-up mode and shut down the app in task manager, or clean up the memory bonbang / relay room information has been removed, will be broadcast in full mode when switching to a new position. This can happen for a long time often use pop-up mode or system resources are scarce in low-end smartphones. 
  • Pop-up mode can be seamlessly available in more than dual-core smartphone (Galaxy S2 or more). Single-core 1Ghz or higher smartphones (Galaxy S or more) are available in single, system pop-up mode is a lack of resources can be forcibly terminated. 
  • Set the smartphone to smoothly use the pop-up mode> Developer Options> Activity Do not maintained (no maintenance activity) should remember off the option. The option is disabled as the default setting. 
Full room free way to enjoy the highest quality! “Quick View”: 
  • You can use the Quick View in the mobile and purchase. 
  • Quick View Your Purchase is available in both PC and mobile. (Also available for purchase directly from the PC Instant Review) 
  • If you use Quick View, you can enjoy the benefits that can be bonbang the highest quality viewing and even Full room right position. 
  • Quick View is only available in devices one by one ID (redundancy disabled, only the mobile / PC available in each) 
Improved SW decoder option descriptions: 
  • Improved SW decoder supports the playback of the best (original) image quality and HD picture quality, and the default is set to ON. If the devices are broken Broadcasting happens when you set the option to OFF, you can no longer watch the broadcast. (The later is recommended that you maintain the ON state if the eopeusil City Hall.) 
  • Where and when various broadcasting of popular BJ anywhere Look conveniently enjoy.

Requires Android:

  • 2.3 and up

When you click the following link it will redirect you to a new page where you will see a download button, just click that button and your download will start automatically in 15 to 20 Seconds.

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