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Here in this article, we are sharing with you one of the famous tools known as Android Multi Tools. The secret of this tool is it helps you to unlock your password, pattern or pin of your device if forget it. The usage of Android devices increases with the passage of time. Hence, this is the peak time of the Android operating system. This system is easy to use and cheap enough to buy. Therefore, most people around the world have Android smartphones and tablets. 

In addition to this, the operation of this system is not complicated. Even an average client can use it easily and lock it with a smart pattern or with a secret pin. Similarly, you can secure your private apps and other privacy. But it’s difficult to remember all secure passwords or pins.

Furthermore, sometimes you unlock them while forgetting the pattern lock. In such situations what do you have to do? You will reset your devices or take them to any repair shop. So, now you don’t need to go to any shop and never reset your device as well. As Android Multi Tools solve your all problems and are available in APK format. 

What exactly Android Multi Tools are? 

These are the most helpful tools that help you to remove the password of your mobile. Now you don’t need to worry about your forgotten pattern or pin of your smartphones or tablets. Simply download from the given link in APK format for free.

Further, it lets you confiscate your password or pin without losing your mobile data. It does not allow you to rush to the repair shop for unlocking pins or patterns of your mobile phones. The Android Multi Tools are the most helpful application to unlock your device pattern, pin or password that you have forgotten. Besides, the uniqueness of this app is you don’t need to reset your devices. Let’s have a look at the features of this application as listed below. 

Features of Android Multi Tools APK

  • It is free to download and install. 
  • This app is simple enough to use due to its user-friendly interfaces. Even an average user can use it without any worry. 
  • It also helps you to recover your device data without installing the custom recovery. 
  • You can easily reset your pattern, pin or password of your mobile phone. 
  • This app lets you completely wipe the data from your gadget. 
  • It has the ability to rest forgotten Gmail ID, face data, gesture and pattern lock. 
  • You can reboot and recover all the drivers of your smartphone just in a single tap. 
  • It helps you to check your device status, software and hardware information. 
  • You can also wipe up the data or cache in a fast boot mode with a single click. 

How to Download and Install Android Multi Tools? 

  • For download the tools you need a PC or laptop. After complete download opens the file and extracts to desktop or any other place of your system. 
  • Now connect your mobile or smartphone to the system via cable or blue tooth. 
  • Transfer the free APK file on your gadget and tap to install it to your mobile phone or tablet. 
  • Now tap on the icon to run the file after complete installation. 
  • A notification will appear to ask permissions, agree to all the permissions. 
  • This will open now and a GUI will present to you. And it’s ready to use. 
How to use Android Multi Tools? 

In fact, the usage of Android Multi Tools is very easy and simple. You have to use your device’s keypad for using this amazing multi-tool. Press Key 1 to check the status of your mobile phone. It also shows you the IMEI number, ID number and all other basic information about your cell phone. Besides, you can change your password or Pin lock you have to use key 2. This is the exact problem you want to overcome and that’s why you are here for. 

Moreover, you also remove or deactivate your pin or password with key 2. For that, you have to keep an eye on the guidelines which appear on your gadget. Tap key 3 to apply the face statistics or gesture lock if it has been used to secure the device. Click on 4 to reset your Google ID as it is linked with your smartphone. Besides, tapping key 5 will wipe all the data of your gadget and make it new to use. Finally, check the status of your gadget by pressing key 7 when it is in fast boot mode. 


We hope this tutorial will help you to understand this app as well as its usage and the process of downloading and installation. 

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