Dolphin – Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For Android

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Dolphin - Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For Android

Download Free Dolphin Web Browser Latest v11.5.8 [APK]

Dolphin – Best Web Browser App APK is one of the best ways to surf the Internet from the screen of a terminal Android, because it has some of the most interesting features we can find in this type of program. The first tool to highlight within Dolphin Browser HD is ‘Sonar’, with which we can use your voice to search the Internet, mark sites as favorites or manage our social networks. In addition, we can draw gestures on the screen to quickly access different web pages.

Dolphin - Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For Android

Dolphin Web Browser APK is the best browser in the Android market. The Latest Version of Dolphin Web Browser APK provides quick loads, along with a personalized and intelligent way to browse and search within the network. Download Latest Version of Dolphin Web Browser APK Free to surf the Internet with the best unique and useful features like Adblock (ad blocking), so Incognita navigation and Flash Player for Android. The best web browser for Android phones on the market having Over 150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS. Another interesting tool is the one that will allow us to create our own finger gestures to access different web pages. 

Thus, we can associate drawing a ‘U’ on the screen to access Uptodown. Besides all this, the application is compatible with more than sixty ‘add-ons’ exclusive with which to add additional features to our browser.
Dolphin - Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For AndroidThese additions can be downloaded directly from the application interface. As is usual in most desktop browsers, Dolphin Web Browser APK has an interface that will allow us to jump tab tab easily and can have many open simultaneously. 
Dolphin Web Browser APK is a great browser, with a beautiful and functional interface, optimal speed and a list of ‘extensions’ or ‘add-ons’ that will delight even the pickiest. By Andrew Lopez Comparison of browsers for Android [May 2016] Each year we blog a comparison between those who believe they are the best desktop browsers, but it is high time to do the same with mobile applications. Therefore, we will proceed to measure the consumption of RAM, the opening speed and compatibility of some of the most common Android browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, UC Browser and Dolphin Browser.

Grandes Features of Latest Version of Dolphin – Best Web Browser App APK:
    Dolphin - Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For Android

  •   Flash Player
  •   AdBlock (ad blocking) 
  •  Navigation Incognito 
  •  Fast downloads 
  •  Gestures 
  •  Sonar 
  •  Accessories 
 Flash Player:
  •  Get the great experience of games and video with Adobe Flash Player for Android, supported only in the Dolphin Browser. 
 AdBlock (ad blocking):
  •  With the browser plug AdBlock Dolphin, you can surf the web without annoying ads. The add automatically removes unwanted Internet content. Find the AdBlock add here: http: // 
 Incognito Browsing:
    Dolphin - Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For Android

  •  Searches in peace. The incognito browsing mode allows you to experience real privacy without leaving any record of information. 
 Fast Downloads:
  •  Download HTML5, Flash videos and more at amazing speed Internet. You can also delete or move downloaded using the file manager.


  • sync your history, bookmarks and passwords. It also opens and saves navigation tabs and websites easily across Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari using Dolphin Connect. You can even enjoy Flash content stored on your desktop computer with the Flash Player for Android. 
Quick and simple UI:
  • nevigate easily and Get quick access to top sites like Facebook, ESPN, Reddit, Bing, etc. You can also add your most visited websites as direct access speed dial icons and easily organize them with a good user interface accesses a single touch.  
  • Internet access gestures for creating personal websites and common features. For example, draw the letter “D” to go to DuckDuckGo or the letter “B” to go to Bing. 
 Sonar  Browsing:
    Dolphin - Best Web Browser APK Latest Version free Download For Android

  • Dolphin Browser listens and lets you use your voice to search, share on your favorite social networks, add as bookmark your favorite websites and surf the Web on your phone. Done without writing queries, even with Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo. 
  • Topics Customize the colors and wallpapers of the issues to make Dolphin your style. 
  •  With add-ons like Dolphin Video, Web to PDF and Dolphin Translate, you can enjoy the best services for free. Dolphin Video Player – Flash Player.


When you click the following link it will redirect you to a new page where you will see a download button, just click that button and your download will start automatically in 15 to 20 Seconds. IF it will pop up to a new tab then once again click the download button and your APK will start downloading.

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