SwiftKey Keyboard Apk (Latest) Free Download For Android

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SwiftKey is a simple keyboard application that, once installed, will help us to write much faster from your Android device, intelligently correcting any errors we commit … something quite common in touchscreens.

In a way, it will learn the words and phrases that we use to try to anticipate the movement of our fingers. So usually when we start writing a word, at the top of the keyboard a number of suggestions that only need to press to write such in the text field will appear.

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk

The SwiftKey Keyboard configuration options allow us to change the look of the keyboard, choosing from over a dozen different. More importantly, it will allow us to synchronize our Facebook and Twitter profiles so that you can learn much more easily what names we use and how to write, to conform to our style and offer the best advice.

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk

SwiftKey is a very useful tool through which users can write much faster from the touch screen of any Android terminal. Undoubtedly, one of the best keyboards that can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.SwiftKey Keyboard Apk is an award-winning keyboard app for Android that offers the best prediction of the next word, intelligent self-correction, compatibility with more than 800 smileys, emoticons prediction and more. It is a (free) alternative keyboard that offers a smart and fast typing on Android. It is the best keyboard for Android to quickly write SMS, chat, text and email, making it the default keyboard for all your applications. It has lots of customization features including over 30 colorful themes, provisions for all screen sizes and devices, and support for over 60 languages.


Enjoy over 800 emoticons and smileys intelligent prediction. Our technology emoticons own prediction suggests that correspond to the words used, allowing you to create fun phrases with smiles here and there!


Word suggestions that you read the thought and learning from you as you type, so they are becoming smarter.

SMARTER AutoCorrect:

Smart corrections for even the most careless writing.


Customize the look of your keyboard with free and paid themes of SwiftKey Store.


Divide. Resize. Disengage. Customize your keyboard with several powerful tools to suit your needs.
Writing in multiple languages. Choose from more than 60 languages and write in three of them at once.


Synchronize your writing style with cloud and between devices safely.
Customize your word predictions Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, etc.
Access to It’s Store to see new issues.

Effortless Writing:

Slide one finger on the touch screen to write with SwiftKey Flow or tap predictions for writing fast and easy.
Follow SwiftKey on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SwiftKey and Twitter https://twitter.com/swiftkey to know the latest news of better and faster means of writing for a touch screen.It supports over 100 languages, including:

  1. English (EE. UU. / UK / AUS / CA)
  2. Spanish (ES / LA / United States)
  3. Portuguese (PT / BR)
  4. German
  5. Turkish
  6. French
  7. Arab
  8. Russian
  9. Italian
  10. Polish

Here you can find the list of all languages: https://swiftkey.com/es/keyboard/android/#lb.supported-languages
Some features are only compatible with certain versions of Android. Emojis are compatible with Android Jelly Bean and KitKat (4.1+). For more information, see our FAQ: https://swiftkey.com/es/keyboard/android/
The SwiftKey keyboard Apk requires access to your SMS to improve predictions offered by using what you have written above.
SwiftKey: free keyboard to type faster and more easily. Now with emoticons and more than 60 languages.

Requires Android:

  • Varies with device
Download SwiftKey Keyboard Apk Here

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