Tiny Flashlight + LED APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

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Tiny Flashlight + LED APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

Download Free Tiny Flashlight LED Latest v5.2.4 [APK]

A flashlight on your device ! An incredibly simple flashlight app , yet very useful. Uses the camera’s LED flash on your device as a flashlight.At one time or another we needed a flashlight and in the end, we finished using a mobile phone to light.So using Tiny Flashlight LED App APK we can do exactly the same, but much more efficiently, since the application will transform your Android device into a flashlight. 

Tiny Flashlight + LED APK Latest Version Free Download For AndroidThe application, by default, issues an intense white light from the screen allowing us to see everything we have to our around easily. However, the touch of the screen you can change the color of the emitted light, can put red, blue, green, orange, and so on. In addition to this, the application will allow us to put a few widgets on the desktop for quick access to different colored lights. 
Thus with a single touch on the desktop screen, we can access the desired light. From Tiny Flashlight LED Latest Version APK interface we can see the remaining battery on your Android device, as using the application will consume a lot of battery. Tiny Flashlight LED APK is a very useful application. Not only will allow us to see in the dark but will come from pearls to detect dead pixels thanks to the possibility to put the screen of a single solid color.
Tiny Flashlight APK is currently the best flashlight app on Android Market for the following reasons :
  •  Supports most devices with a camera LED (flash) 
  • The flashlight / most powerful flashlight in the market because the LED camera broadcasts a very intense light in the dark. 
  • Offers various choices of widgets Offer attractive and diverse screen lights Includes lighting color screen
  • Excellent technical support


When you click the following link it will redirect you to a new page where you will see a download button, just click that button and your download will start automatically in 15 to 20 Seconds. IF it will pop up to a new tab then once again click the download button and your APK will start downloading.

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