Trie 3D APK Latest v1.0 Free Download For Android

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Trie 3D APK Latest v1.0 Free Download For Android ANd Tablets

Download Free Trie 3D Latest v1.0 [APK]

Best Action Game of 2018

From Here You can Easily download Latest version of Trie APK For Your Android mobiles And Tablets. Click The link given at the bottom and download Trie 3D APK for Android Phones And Tablets.The latest v1.0 of Trie 3D APK download Links are given below so, if you want to use Trie APK on your smartphone, simply follow the download link provided below and download the APK file of Trie latest 2017 version for your android mobile.
All you know is that you’ve been brought to Trie Incorporated and have been given superpower to block fire. Trie 3D superpower was only possible because of Trie’s Science Lab. To test this latest science invention, you’ve been brought in a room of Trie.
Trie 3D Game APK room is equipped with four flame throwers numbered accordingly. To prevent yourself from being burnt by these flamethrowers, you have to immediately turn towards the numbered flamethrower which is being called out by a Trie’s computer-generated voice.
Trie’s testing is done in the very first run, but feel free to come around in the room every once in a while. It hurts when you are being burnt by those flamethrowers, but you are also easily healed within seconds and you are ready to go again, thanks to another invention of Trie.
Trie 3D action game will not disappoint you.

Key Features of Trie 3D Game APK:

  • Realistic graphics
  • Intense Gameplay
  • Progress through 3 different waves
  • Uses Gyroscope to move around, so, rotate yourself instead of rotating the device
  • Future updates will include new levels
  • Contains no ads or In-App Purchases

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Game Name: Trie 3D
App Genre: Action

App offered by: DRAGONBLOOD
App size: 32Mb
App Mode: Offline
System requirements: Android 2.3 And UP

User reviews:

Vikhyat Singh:

Great game. New concept. Enjoyed a lot playing it and also addicted to it now 😛
Faraz Khan:
Concept is unique Good Job Shobit, Add a splash screen or at least a main menu. Game starts right away .
Rushil Tiwar:
Well “dragon blood” the game came out really well,and I’m actually playing it the whole day.Keep up the good work,I know you will launch much better apps&games in the coming days

So what are you waiting for just download the free Trie 3D APK for your android and Enjoy some real action. Clicking the following link you will have the latest version of Trie APK free Download For your android.

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