AndroRat Apk and Binder Latest 2019 For Android

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Hello dear readers, hope you are doing well, today I saw an Android app named “AndroRat” some time known as Android Rat Apk, and I thought I should try this app and share the app with my blog readers, but when I installed the app then I got shocked, check out the video why I got shocked, or simply read the article till the end to know the reason.

About AndroRat

AndroRat Apk is a Remote Access Android app, that enables users to get the information like, messages, call logs, contact information, and much more, so before going into deep, I would like to request you that this app is completely for educational and safe purposes, means if you can use the app for educational purposes or if lost your Android Phone and you have the IMEI number of your lost mobile then this will be very helpful app for you to track down your phone.

What is Androrat?

AndroRat Apk

AndroRat(Android Rat) is a Pc software that will enable you to create a remote access app or act as Client/server app, means you can use this app in two ways one way is using the network access method, means get the information of the people contacted on your network via your Personal network.

So consider one of your friends is at your home and using your Personal network, then simply open your Android Rat apk and access all the data means, call history, messages, new message, live calls, contacts, Browsing history, or you may even access the camera app of your friend and take a snap of him and make him shock.

Simply you can monitor almost anything of the android phone on your network, and you can easily make real-time changes to your victim’s phone.

Now comes the second method, in this method you will use AndroRat Binder app to track the information of your victim. The method is pretty simple, fill in the required information and then it will create an android application Apk.

Simply send this to victims phone and if he/she installs the app then you will have every single information of the person you want, once again I will say this is completely for educational purpose, and to track your lost phone.

So this can be explained as server-side application and client-side application means  the software that you are using on your pc will be server-side application and using this software you will create the Apk and this application once installed on the victim phone will be considered as a client-side application, so I hope you now have some know-how of the AndroRat App.

What information you will have with AndroRat App:

  • You will have all the information regarding contacts and Call logs.
  • Can send a message from victim phone.
  • Live calls access.
  • Can take a Snap using the camera.
  • Vibrate the phone.
  • Get the real-time GPS location of the phone and many more.

Well after seeing all this I,m sure you are ready to use the app, but before doing that I want to remind you that I wrote in the first Paragraph that you will get shocked when you install the app, why I said this?

If you have watched the video provided above then you have the Answer if you don,t watch the video then the Answer is you will find AndroRat Apk but it will not be a real app instead it will be a guide of 17 pages in the Russian language.

So till today there is no real AndroRat app so don,t download these apps, still you are interested in that guide then you will have the link of the app at the bottom, so now comes the best part, you can have software for your PC and when you will create the App as I wrote above then you may consider that as “AndroRat App” but for every single phone you will have to create unique app, so if you are interested in that, then Follow the Guide About How to use it


Finally, I,m sure you have every single info about AndroRat Apk and how to use the app, so once again use this only for educational purposes or to track your lost phone. if you face any problem using the app simply contact us and if you like the article then bookmark our site OSAPPSBOX for more latest and Hot apps and games.

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