APK Extractor Latest Download for Android

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APK Extractor is one of the most perfect and the most useful Android App all over the place of the android market. This handy tool helps you to mine all your applications which saved or installed on your device or tablet. Besides, it will let you copy them to your external SD card. Download the full and latest version of this application from below on this page.

Furthermore, with this tool, you can have great control over your device. You can manage all files according to your style of management. This simplest tool lets you get all the information about your files. It also lets you carry out all other tasks such as removing and arrangement of files. Moreover, the app has some amazing features listed below. 

Features of APK Extractor

  • This is completely free to download and very simple to operate. 
  • It offers all its wonderful features for free. Besides, its sensational design is very simple and easy to recognize. 
  • Having a small size it is very light and fast, and it doesn’t put any load on your smartphone or device. 
  • APK Extractor is compatible with all android devices. Similarly, having app supported versions for honeycomb and Lollipop. 
  • You can also find all applications including your phone applications with this stunning tool. 
  • Besides, it works for you without root access. 
  • It offers a particular folder where all these folders will save. 
  • You can find out the APK files by their names information with the search feature of the app. 
  • Similarly, it is absolutely compatible with all new versions of Android devices. 
  • It also provides you with all the information about the files downloaded and saved to your mobile phones such as the name, package, date, version, version code and more. 
  • With APK Extractor, you will be able to save all documents in external storage. 
  • In addition, it offers you sorting options and multi-selected options as well. 

Download the free and latest version of this tool from the below given downloaded link. Install it on your Android device or tablet to find out all the documents and files stored on your phone on the go! 

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