Audio Manager Hide to Pro APK Description:

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The audio manager is one of the reliable tools available in the Android operating system. When it comes to hiding videos, photos, audio and other stuff on your device then it is most suitable to do. It is also known as Hide it pro. As it speaks out itself to hide any kind of content on your Android smartphone or tablet. With it, you can hide all your private stuff which is existing on your phone. Even you can hide apps and other adult content as well. Besides, it offers several smart and active hiding features. 

Moreover, it offers many fantastic aspects that privilege you to download this app down here on this page as soon as you can. Some of the features of this incredible tool are listed below you convince.

Features of Audio Manager Hide to Pro APK:

  • It is absolutely free to download and install.
  • You will get dual function ends such as front and back. With the front end, you will set the audio settings of your device. While the back end helps you to hide videos, audio, photos, apps and other content on your device. 
  • Similarly, the front function of the app is different as compared to its back-end functionalities. 
  • It lets you hide all your phone content instantly with just a single tap. 
  • The Audio Manager doesn’t require rooted devices. 
  • You can protect your apps and other stuff by getting root permission. So, you can use any rooting app. several rooting apps are available on this site. 
  • It also helps you to protect your private data from nosy friends with snooping eyes. 
  • Furthermore, having a small size doesn’t eat enough memory for your phone. Therefore you can install it on your smartphone without any concern. 
  • It is compatible with all kinds of Android phones. But for a better result, you can use it on Android 4.1 and above. 

How to use Audio Manager APK:

The usage of this wonderful manager is very simple and easy manner. Some basic guidelines are as follows for your convince. 

  • Very first you have to download the free APK of this tool from the below-provided URL source for free of cost. 
  • Then tap to install Audio Manager on your Android mobile phone or tablet. 
  • Now launch it to use. But note that you have to sign up for its proper usage. It is a basic requirement for security checks. 
  • Set a password for its complete usage and enjoy all features as well. It needs rooted devices for the purpose of hiding. But you can still enjoy all other aspects without rooting your device. 

ScreenShots of the App:

Audio Manager
Audio Manager
Audio Manager
Audio Manager
Audio Manager
Audio Manager

So, download the latest APK file of Audio Manager from the below-given URL link for free. Install it on your Android smartphone or tablet and stay safe from snooping eyes. Stay safe. In addition to this, App Hider APK is another good tool to hide your private data and applications

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