Counter-Strike APK Download for Android

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The Counter-Strike is much lovely and exceptionally challenging shooting game for sniper shooting lovers. If you want to become a Sniper Master then grab your rifle and get ready to complete the mission. Download one of the most addictive and categorically free shooting games for Android down here on this page. In fact, it is one of best shooting game among its category of action sniper 3D shooting games. With it, you have to take action against terrorist and enemies with the latest guns and other affected weapons. 

Furthermore, counter strike offers you to target your opponents with extremely best guns and snipers. Your enemies and terrorist will always try to surround you and trying to damage you and find different ways to kill you. But you have to complete the mission by encountering them, fighting them with the help of snipers to shoot them and kill them. Fight to survive in the field of battle like a commando! Operations to finish crime in the future, destroy crime gang, and inspect criminal cases. Protect justice and become a sniper of 3d in the field of war. At this instant future criminality fight shooting, emulator 3D sniper shoot in to kill. Besides escape to stay alive till to the end of this epic hostilities. 


More about Counter-Strike game 

It offers you to play several different exciting and dangerous levels. Where you have to fight a war against terrorist and execute a duty to the country and save the lives of your people. With the help of 3d sniper the assassin which must complete the mission impossible in the crime of the city. Slicing criminal case and find a killer like an army commando. Moreover, take your gun to fight against dangerous and evil persons until to complete the mission. 

The APK of Counter-Strike has a very high quality of graphics by which you will love this game while playing on your android device. It is very easy to control and much simpler to use. With a single tap, you can control it on the screen of your Android device. The map-reading tap is also available to control and change the characters according to your game strategies. 

Moreover, there is a map added to show the gameplay like were our enemies. To neutralize bombs and explosives, and where should rescue hostages. So that’s why it will provide you with a lot of fun and thrilling levels. So, you will get more entertainment while it on your device and tablet. 

Features of the Game

  • This is completely free to download and very interesting to play. 
  • Included a massive collection of guns and equipment to use on the battlefield! 
  • The game offers several exciting and full activity levels. 
  • Player guide map is available in the game. 
  • With this game, you can upgrade your skills as well as to improve your combat effectiveness. 
  • While shooting the guns produce sounds like the real guns are producing. 
  • Tremendous and magnificent graphics makes the game more interesting to play. 
  • Offers a contract of grand thief or ninja gives a fatal blow from behind the 3D shooting target. 


It is not available to download on the Google Play Store. Therefore we have fetched the full APK file of the game for you with a safe downloading link. Download the completely free latest version APK file of Counter-Strike from below provided downloading link install it on your Android device, smartphone or tablet and become a master of shooting. Download the full of an action game now and enjoy playing on the go like a professional sniper you need to complete more and more missions to the best of your ability.

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