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From down here on this page you can grab Download Accelerator Plus for free of cost. It is one of the best and most famous file downloaders with great features. Besides, it is completely free to install. With it, you can transfer files and other data from the Internet at the fastest speed. You can easily download huge documents such as music archives, video files, and compressed documents. It also lets you grab other general documents at super-fast speed. 

Downloaded archives can be directly saved on the SD card of your Android device. So you don’t have to concern about the storing space of your Android tablet or device. Download Accelerator Plus itself adds to the default browsers. It also works with manually installed ones such as Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, UC browser and many others. In addition to this, it picks the downloadable links from there automatically. One of the important features of this tool is its resume capacity. Thus you can start again at any time later if something goes wrong with your latest download. 

Having multi-thread technology it splits existing downloaded documents into various portions. Hence download speed taken to the fullest competency of your web. When you don’t like to make use of a maximum of your link’s latency with this tool, then you can design the download speed yourself in the application. It supports to grab more than one file. So, you can get multiple files at a time. 

Download Accelerator Plus

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Furthermore, it supports QR code scanning so you don’t have to individually install QR code reader application. Just scan a QR code on by your PC or any other source. So, it will let go the downloading link usually and the download will be taking place. You will be informed about downloads which are currently in progress. So, you can easily categorize the downloaded files by means of fetched date, size of the file and on the basis of several other standards. 

You can also grab the video files with this powerful manager. For getting video files with this app, just open the page that consists of the video file and start to grab it. Download Accelerator Plus automatically grab the link. Moreover, it will rush you either you committed to downloading that video file to your device storage or not. It also supports to get the audio files in the same way as video files. 

With this accelerator manager, you can restart later all failed downloads at any time. Furthermore, it has the ability of auto scan list of preceding lists and if it discovers the indistinguishable match in downloading history. Similarly, the failed links will be repaired and will be resumed again form the point of discontinuity. 

To fetch fast and steady file downloading involvement on your Android device. Get the APK file of Download Accelerator Plus from below given downloading link and install it on your Android device or table. So, get the app’s APK file completely free right from below provided a link. And keep visiting our site for more great Android applications.

It offered by rubycell and it requires Android 5.0 and up.

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