Electroneum (The Mobile Cryptocurrency and Miner) ETN App APK Latest v1.1.6 Free Download For Android 4.4 and up

Electroneum (ETN) Android Miner App APK

Electroneum is one of the new and trending Cryptocurrencies that is getting popular in Crypto Market, Its not been yet Started But in the pre-sale, almost 10 Million people already bought this currency, and the owners of this currency have already raised 40 million dollars and they have finished the sale. Electroneum will be available form 1st Nov, and users will be able to buy or sell the currency.

Electroneum is much like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), but one of the advantages of this currency is, this can be mined by any smartphone user, user will be able to mine Electroneum on their Android phone on 1st Nov, so we have provided the latest version of Electroneum APK, just download the app and mine some Electroneum for your self. To mine Electroneum you don,t need any expertise, just download the app and start mining also you can send or receive your ETN from your android app.
You might be thinking of getting BTC or ETH but its too difficult to mine or buy these currencies but, you are lucky you can mine ETN with much ease and what I will suggest you is don,t miss the chance and mine some ETN with Electroneum (The Mobile Cryptocurrency and Miner) App and either convert them to BTC or ETH or you can save them, might be possible in near future they will rock and you can earn some good amount with just 50 ETN.
Analyst says that Electroneum (ETN) will soon get on fire and it will reach the price of 1$ per ETN, so don,t wait and just download the ETN app and start mining some ETN for yourself, one good news is that Electroneum (ETN) will be soon available on major Cryptocurrency exchanges, and you will be able to exchange ETN to BTC, ETH or you desired Cryptocurrency or change any other Cryptocurrencies to ETN.

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