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FireClap APK

Download Free FireClap Latest v1.0 [APK]

Say it All on Social Media’s With FireClap App APK

From Here You can Easily Download Latest v1.0 of FireClap App APK For Your Android mobiles And Tablets. Click The link given at the bottom and download FireClap APK for Android Phones And Tablets.

The latest version of FireClap App APK is v1.0 And download Links are given below so, if you want to use FireClap android APK on your smartphone, simply follow the download link provided below and download the APK file of FireClap App latest 2018 version for your android mobile.Make yourself distinct from the crowd with your courage, determination, and truth and unravel any kind of social, political or civic news happening near you with FireClap App.
In today’s time, the entire world is witnessing enormous changes, be it positive or negative. With the advent of technology, the medium of conveying news, messages, concerns, videos, audios and pictures too have broadened and people can now easily share, view, comment and opinionate on matters of national and international interest.
But as more and more news flood our lives every day, we tend to overlook several issues, problems, concerns, and complaints of the common people which they face every single day. These incidents are not able to reach to the national and international news platform. 
Some of the reasons for their unavailability are:

  • Lack of exposure or knowledge on how to reach media
  • Fear or unwillingness to reveal the true identity
  • Less feasibility for news agencies to cover all aspects of the news occurring around the world.
  • News media like television channels, print, websites and other media sources are also acquiring very few news from social media and publishing it
  • Not practically feasible for the news media channels and reporters to collect news from every individual and portray them on television, print or online mediums.
  • In the competition of retaining high TRP (Television Rating Point) scores, often common men stories don’t excite the news channels and another news medium to highlight their plight.
  • Most importantly, there is a lack of powerful and proper tool or platform which will concentrate on all their issues and ensure its telecast to the whole world.

This is where FireClap App enters to create a stark change in the lives of both the common people and the viewers around the world. FireClap App is the perfect platform for every aspiring citizen who wants to be a change and make the world a better place to live in. With the help of FireClap App, anyone can become a news reporter, giving an insight of what is materializing in their locality or anywhere where they are witnessing the event.
FireClap App is easy to use and can be installed in every kind of smartphone, available for free in Google Play Store. In order to make usage of FireClap App, one needs to choose a certain category for their news, enter the description of the video and upload it via FireClap. Then the rest is carried out by FireClap App.
This mobile App will automatically publish that particular video in the official website and will circulate the video as a notification among all the other “FireClap” users across the globe. FireClap App also provides options to the users to share the video via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.
Within few moments, FireClap App is successful in rendering the news to the entire world, thus making “noise for the right reasons”.

What makes FireClap different from the others?

  • Users don’t need to register or log in or create an account to upload the news videos on FireClap.
  • No fees or technical knowledge are required for functioning FireClap App, hence can be operated by anyone and everyone.
  • The auto-publish feature enables the revealing of society perils in this high traffic website.
  • Multiple options for the sharing of the news video
  • The video will be sent to different news agencies all over the world without revealing of the users’ identity.
  • After the video is verified as a valid one, it is then forwarded as a notification to the other FireClap users all over the world.

FireClap App has been successfully able to create an impact in the minds of several citizens with their unique content, genuine videos, authentic newsy information and convincing truth.

FireClap App – “The truth prevails above all”.

So what are you waiting for! just download the free FireClap App APK for your android and Share to Social Media’s What you wanna share. Clicking the following link you will have the latest version of FireClap APK file free Download For your android.

Requires Android:

  • 4.1 and up
Download Free FireClap Latest v1.0 APK

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