G Cloud Backup APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

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G Cloud Backup APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

Download Free G Cloud Backup Latest v6.0.7 [APK]

G Cloud Backup App APK is a tool that can make backup copies of all content on our Android Phone, to keep them in the cloud and have permanent access to them. In this way, we can recover all our files and data even if we lose our phone. The application will allow us to keep all material on our Android phone. This means that we can make a ‘backup’ of our SMS text messaging, our contact list or call log; but also photos, videos, and music. 

G Cloud Backup APK Latest Version Free Download For Android
At our disposal, we will have many configuration tools for G Cloud Backup APK, but the most recommended are what will make an automatic copy of all new material from our smartphone each day. Of course, only made when it detects a WiFi connection, so we do not overload the 3G connection. One of the most interesting options is the application that will allow us to send all content to a new smartphone, so that we can have a new phone with the same material as the old, in just a few minutes. G Cloud Backup APK App is a tool of ‘backup’ comprehensive, requiring not have the Cell ‘rooted’, and allow us to not only be safer with all our files but also make a change phone without all the inconvenience this usually carry.

G Cloud Backup APK Latest Version Free Download For AndroidContinuous backup of contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, records and calls to a safe location in the cloud

Transfer data easily from one device to another, and expand your storage capacity to store everything in the cloud. 
Organize your memories in chronological sequence, and back in time to see the first video you recorded, a call from a year ago, and even today’s photos. 
Easily share your past and future. Recommended by Android Central “This app is incredibly easy to use, with a simple user interface. But it would be foolish to let that be enough to form an opinion.Latest Version Of G Cloud Backup APK has a very extensive list of features. ” http://www.androidcentral.com/g-cloud-backup-isn-t-made-google-does-pretty-good-job-backing-your-android-device 


“You will not find many other backup solutions as complete and effective security as G Cloud Backup APK”. http://download.cnet.com/G-Cloud-Backup/3000-2242_4-75749505.html Please note that this application requires privileges to back up and restore your SMS, call logs, system settings and calendar, and to locate your lost device. We do not delete your phone data, or send messages or locate your device without your consent. If you disable these options also you turn off the use of these privileges. For more information, please read our data privacy.

Key features of Latest Version of G Cloud Backup APK:

    G Cloud Backup APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

  • We keep your life. You can go back in time to see calls from a year ago, video and other data from the Memory bar 
  •  Automatic backup of messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, settings, photos (full resolution), videos, music and more 
  •  Start with 1 GB free and easily Earn up to 10 GB 
  •  automatic backups when there is WIFI available and operational 
  •  Access your messages and call logs, download contacts, share music and videos and look at your photos from the web: http://www.gcloudapp.com 
  •  Protect the application with a password. 
  •  Protects more than one device 
  •  Secure data transfer (Secure Socket Layer) and storage (256-AES) in Amazon AWS 
  •  Get changed easily to new devices keeping all your data 
  •  No special configuration or rooting is not required 
  •  Backup External SD cards 
  •  Restore / migrates to a new device with one touch 
  •  Supports all versions of each file 
  •  Advanced to change the scheduled daily schedule options, disable automatic schedule, up to 3G, and more 
G Cloud Backup APK Latest Version Free Download For Android
  • Download G Cloud Backup APK FREE 
  • Create an account 
  • Select what you are copying 

  •  Download G Cloud Backup FREE APK
  •  Enter your account 
  •  Cloud detect whether this is a new phone, and transfer all your memories to the new phone. 
If you have questions or concerns, please contact: [email protected] Before submitting a comment, we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you 🙂


When you click the following link it will redirect you to a new page where you will see a download button, just click that button and your download will start automatically in 15 to 20 Seconds. IF it will pop up to a new tab then once again click the download button and your APK will start downloading.

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