Gemini App Manager APK (Latest) Free Download For Android

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Download the most comprehensive and dominant tool of Gemini App Manager APK from below on this page. Now start to organize a variety of installed applications on your Android device, smartphone, and tablet. With this exceptional tool, you can easily accomplish your all installed application together. You can do this with its simple UI to organize most functions on a single page. In addition, with this splendid APK, the user can overcome most app problems easily without switching from page to page.

For rooted devices, Gemini App Manager becomes exceptionally influential as it automatically improves the performance of your android phone. Moreover, you can organize permission for certain applications. If some are able to auto-running, then you can disable them by eliminating them from the autorun list. Furthermore, the firewall of this tool also works only on rooted Android devices, smartphones, and tablets.

If your device is not rooted or you are not able to root your device then don’t need to worry. Besides, Gemini Manager can do all other actions on installed applications. Besides, it shows itself as one of the finest organizers on the Android platform. If you are feeling it is a difficult job of managing your installed games. Then download the APK file of Gemini App Manager and install it on your smartphone. Try this Managing tool and check your applications. You may find something you don’t know before about them. 

Features of Gemini App Manager APK: 

  • Gemini is completely free to download. And lets you list all installed apps on your Android device. 
  • It has a very small size about 1M bytes, with integrated several functions. 
  • You can easily transfer your applications from internal storage to external SD card storage. 
  • It shows you how much RAM and CPU are being used up by a particular app. 
  • Gemini App Manager also allows you to spread installed apps as APK files. In addition to this, install them on other devices or keep them as backups. 
  • Besides, it also consists of an inbuilt, powerful task killer (you don’t need any detached app to kill background processes). 
  • This APK elegantly examines and illustrations how much network used by any installed app. 
  • It checks for particular consent on apps and identifies. If any of them has the ability to send a Text message and making calls. You can easily block them. 
  • Optimize the performance of your smartphone, by Kills running apps in the background. It also helps to free up memory (RAM) and CPU resources. 
  • It allows you to uninstall games vigorously from your cell phone. 
  • Gemini Manager also contains an integral application firewall. 
  • By autorun feature, you can view automatically running applications in the background without user interaction. You can also enable and disable them to run in certain situations. 
  • Moreover, with its App Freezer feature, you can block any application to run and hide it from the launcher list. It is a good way to grip the application and the user can hide from others. 
  • Clears all cache and remaining files with a simple click to free up memory storage. It also increases the performance of your device. 
  • Gemini App Manager also allow you to categorize all installed apps on the basis of several norms like by their name, size, RAM usage, permission risk, etc. 
  • You can also filter apps by their running position, installed position, permissions, custom filter, etc. 

Screen Shots

Gemini App Manager
Gemini App Manager
Gemini App Manager


So, this is the best option as compared to the default application manager of Android OS. For all these and many other advanced features. Simply download the APK file of Gemini App Manager from the below-provided link for free. So, easily manage the installed applications and games of your gadget.

It is offered by “SEASMIND” and it requires Android 2.1 and above.

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