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Have you thought about how to download Paid apps for free! I think yes! Isn’t it? What if I tell you one method to do this. Yes! It is possible to download paid apps or games for free but not with play store, we will use another app store named GetApk Market Apk.

This app store is really awesome! Once you download GetApk market you will never need to search for an app on any other app store or on the internet. Because it has a collection of all apps and games at one place.

You just need to type the name of the app you want to download and you will get its download link easily!

This 8 MB sized Getapk market is an app that everyone should install because no other app is such powerful at such a small size. The servers used by Getapk Market app to download are very powerful and give the maximum downloading speed! Download Getapk the best-rated app store.

About GetApk Market

GetApk Market app can download paid apps or games for free! Doesn’t matter how costly the app is, it is available for free on GetApk Market.

Get Apk Market Apk

It has almost all the latest apps and games available there. You can download any of your desired apps by searching the app name in the search bar and you will get the download links to download that app. 

You can choose between multiple download links too so that you get the maximum downloading speed, this is one of the best features of the Getapk market. To explore more features Download the app. You will definitely like the features of Getapk Market – the best app store. You will know why this is the best app store once you install it 😉 GetApk market Apk works even on low-end phones and doesn’t affect the phone performance.

I am using GetApk Market for a long time and found all apps I searched for and found the downloaded apps are 100% safe, it’s my guarantee. We have updated the link so you can download the latest version of GetApk Market. We always keep updating the download links so that you always get the latest version of the GetApk market in 2019.

Why GetApk Market?

There are many app stores available other than GetApk Market but why I suggest GetAPK? This is because it is small in size as well as doesn’t require much RAM consumption. It has the same categories which are available in the play store.

And the best thing is that it provides mirror download links also which are not given by any other app store. I will definitely suggest you download getApk Market, once you use it, you won’t use the Play store again. This app store is definitely better than play store! On scrolling further, you will know why.

Features of GetAPK Market

  • Very simple UI and easy to interact.
  • Every app is available for free.
  • Different categories are available.
  • Everything in a single App.
  • Search bar to search for the desired app.
  • Every category contains tons of apps.
  • Get the latest app updates with GetAPK Market.
  • GetApk Market has multiple servers to get maximum download speed.
  • Very small sized app.
  • Doesn’t require much space.
App NameGetAPK Market
Size7.46 MB
Version2.0.7 (Latest Updated)
Last update of GetApk Market2019

Download GetApk Market

GetApk Market is the app which is trending nowadays and has got more than a million downloads within a month. That’s because of its user-friendliness, a lot of categories to choose from and you can get any app or game for free of cost. Getapk is free as well so you do not have to pay a single penny in this process.

GetAPK Market Download for Android

To download the latest version of GetAPK market you can click on the download link below and move towards the download page. Well many of the people are afraid to install APK for the first time after seeing the installation blocked warning but trust me it does not cause any problem, .apk is the official android supported package file.

After you download Getapk Market you can read below ‘How to install apk for the first time. Also, a lot of people doubt how Get apk market provides paid apps for free so the simple answer is that they have contacts with app developers and they purchase the app and upload it on their servers so users of GetApk can download paid apps for free!

Get apk Market gives you access to the best apps and games on your mobile phone. You get tons of paid apps and games for free with Get Apk Market. Maybe sometimes you end up paying money to download an app with play store but this cannot be done every time.

Sometimes the app is so expensive that you can’t afford to download them, at that moment GetApk is the perfect solution for you as you can download that very expensive app for free with Getapk Market. You can download the apps which are unavailable on PlayStore too. Getapk is an app which has an ability to download apps for free with high speed because of its high-speed data centers.

How to install GetAPK Market on Android?

  • Download the latest version of GetAPK Market on your phone from our OSAPPSBOX.
  • Search for the downloaded APK (everything is mostly downloaded in the Downloads folder)
  • Click on it, you will get directed to the installation page.
  • If you get “Installation Blocked ” warning, just go to Settings –> Security –> allow apps from Unknown Sources and again click on the downloaded APK. (Skip this step if you have already allowed apps from Unknown Sources)
GetApk Market Apk 2018
  • On the installation, page click on ‘install’ accepting all permit requirements.
GetApk Market 2018 Apk
  • After installing open get apk market, search and download for any required apps or games.
Access storageThis permission is required to download and save the APK.
Read Phone Status and identityThis permission is required to check your device’s android version and show supported APK.

Getapk has a lot of apps in each category. You will find even more apps here than in play store Pro. Download Getapk Market so that you get all paid apps for free of cost. You may read the FAQs regarding GetApk Market below once you install it.

Why GetApk Market is so popular?

GetApk Market is very popular due to its awesome features in such a small package. A 8 MB package of GetApk Market provides you all kind of apps and games free, doesn’t require any special permission and a lot more. The list of features of Getapk Market is too long to be listed here. You will get to know all about it once you install this Android app store.

The best feature of Getapk is that it has high-quality servers which boost the downloading speed of apps. Getapk has rich features like many different categories, Getapk’s special apps, and recommended apps section. Download Getapk and forget play store.

Many apps are available
Save APK file
Everything is FREE
No login required


Is it safe to use GetAPK Market?

Yes, it is safe to use GetAPK Market. It is secure and does not collect any personal information. GetApk Market only requires two basic permissions to run and download apps. But even if any situation you face any problem you can contact the developer. Also since it has a lot of apps and games available, so always check the permissions of those apps and if you feel anything suspicious about that app do not install it. We haven’t faced any problem with getapk market yet.

How to install on Kindle Fire?

  • Download the latest version of GetAPK Market on your phone from our website (OSAPPSBOX).
  • Goto Settings –> Devices –> allow apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Open the APK file and click on install.
  • Done!!

How to install on BlackBerry?

  • Goto Settings –> App Manager –> Install Apps & Allow apps from other sources to be installed.
  • Download the latest version of GetAPK Market on your phone from our website.
  • Open the APK file and click on install.
  • Done!!

GetApk Market VS Play Store

size is less than 8 MBIts size is more than 25MB
Many CategoriesFewer categories available than GetApk Market
Paid Apps and Games for freeYou need to pay for some apps and games
Multiple Download linksOnly one download link
Works on low-end phones too without lagLags on a low-end phone
Requires very less spaceEats up a lot of RAM and space
Downloads APK file as a backupDeletes APK file
Doesn’t require loginRequires Gmail login

With this comparison, you can get why GetApk Market is better than any other app store! Another solid reason to download GetApk Market. Comparing other app stores with Getapk Market app store

smallest sizeSize of apk about 15-20MB
Downloads paid apps for freeNot all other app stores have this feature.
Min Android version required is 2.3Min Android version required is 4.3
Requires less dataRequires a lot of data

Now you know why to use Getapk Market app store only!

How to download any app or game from GetAPK Market?

  • Open GetAPK Market.
  • Click on the search bar.
GetApk Market Apk Free Download
  • Type the name of app or game.
  • Select which one to download from the results.
  • After selecting click of GET.
GetApk Market Original Apk
  • Select mirror to download.
  • Once downloaded install the APK.
Why you should install GetAPK Market?
  • You can get almost any app here easily.
  • It ads free.
  • GetApk is very light so can work with any low specification phone also.
  • Does require only permissions which are necessary.
  • does not require much data.
  • GetApk Market has many data servers so that you get better download speed.
  • Has a collection of all updated apps.
  • Getapk Market has really a very simple user interface and can be easily navigated.
  • Getapk market is the only app store which is as small as 2MB and has a collection of all apps and games.

**All the downloaded apk files will be accessed in a folder named ‘GetApk Market.’

Is GetApk Market illegal?

No, it is not illegal, whenever any new paid app is released on play store, they pay and download it and then upload it on their server so you can download it for free! Feel free to use Getapk Market to download paid apps for free! Anyone with a smartphone can use Getapk Market. If you face some issues while installing or using Getapk Market so you can comment here and we will be happy to help you.

Why GetApk Market provides paid apps for free?

This it the biggest question we have faced, “Why GetApk provides paid apps for free?”. The answer is very simple that Developers of Getapk market wanted that their app Getapk should be very unique so to make it possible they came up with the idea to provides paid apps for free to its users and Getapk Market was the first app store which provided paid apps for free.

Now Getapk Market is one of the best app stores and it has got millions of downloads because of its features. You can also enjoy using paid apps for free with Get apk Market. Pros and Cons of GetApk Market

Small sizeNot so good UI
All paid apps availablePeople are unaware of this app
Very less storage requiredUnderrated app
Has mirror download linksSome mirror download links may not work sometimes. Though you can try using other mirror links.

You can see that there are a lot of advantages of using Getapk Market, the cons can just be ignored in front of features of Getapk Market. This is really a must install the app. We have found that GetAPK Market app store is best-rated app store with all aspects.

Can this app cause a problem with my phone?

Now it does not cause any problems with your phone, this is an individual app which has resources of its own and own repository of apps, so its just another app. We ensure it to be safe as we have already tested Getapk Market and found it safe.

You can also check out in detail how to download and install Get APK Market on your Windows PC with the help on Android Emulator Bluestacks, this software will let you install and run APK file on Windows PC, great isn’t it, check out in detail how to install GetAPK Market on PC.

Is Getapk market bug-free?Yes
Does this app consume a lot of battery?No
Can this app work on iPhone?No
Does getapk market provide app updates?Yes

NOTE: When you download any app from Getapk Market while installing always check the permissions required by the app, if you find any unnecessary permission you should not install that app.


Getapk Market is really a very good alternative of google play store, I personally use this app store and its awesome. I have downloaded a lot of paid apps and games from getApk Market totally for free, the paid apps downloaded from it are totally safe.

I am using them for a long time and they have not caused any problems with my phone. I am sure you will also like Getapk market, UI of the app maybe not so attractive but its features are so good that you will definitely use it regularly to download any app. GetApk Market is truly the best app store, try it once!

Hope all of your doubts are clear now. If you still have any problem regarding the installation then you can watch the video tutorial on how to install get apk market on your smartphone easily.

No matter games and apps are paid or free, you can download any of them for free with Getapk market. If you liked Get Apk Market, do leave a comment below. We have updated other apps too, refer More section.

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