Google Allo APK Latest v23.0.024_RC06 Free Download For Android

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Google Allo APK

Free Download Google Allo Latest v23.0.024_RC06 [APK]

Google Allo The Biggest Messaging APP

From Here You can Easily download Latest 2018 version of Google Allo APK For Your Android mobiles And Tablets. Click The link given at the bottom and download Google Allo APK App for Android phones And Tablets and install it on your smartphone.

The latest version APK File of Google Allo APK is Google Allo is v23.0.024_RC06 and is Free To Download For Android 4.1 And UP, if you want to use Allo APK on your smartphone, simply follow the download link provided below and download the APK file of Google Allo APK latest 2018 version for your android mobile and tablet.

Introducing Google Allo, The official Messaging App By Google Inc. intelligent messaging application that helps you to do and say more. Say more with stickers, drawings, and text and emoji ENORMOUS. Allo offers a preview of Google assistant.
This new application allows instant messaging chats one on one and group chats and private rooms with messages that self-destruct. Besides this, you can communicate with Google’s personal assistant, can establish a conversation with him in private room and participate in group chats. To mention and invoke the wizard Google is only necessary to write the letter @.
Google Allo incorporates packs of stickers by default, which may use or download new pack of stickers from a kind of store that offers the proper application of the Californian company. As if this were not enough level of customization, you can also draw or write photos, as already allows WhatsApp.

Surely more than one of you are wondering what is what Google brings to this market for instant messaging services, as is known by all that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram are most commonly used services. Well, the answer is undoubtedly this: the bots. In Google, Allo is possible to interact with bots and people separately but at the same time, something that can undoubtedly revolutionize the sector.

With regard to the security and privacy of our conversations, from Google, we guarantee that all conversations are encrypted and in the case of incognito conversations with an end to end encryption. It seems that Google has taken note of Telegram and care of user privacy.
Finally, and not least important, in relation to the code of ticks or checks, it is possible to distinguish three: Shipping (gray), the reception (blue) and reading (double-tick). It will be possible to disable double click as we already do in other instant messaging services.
If you pre-signed up for Google Play to be alerted when Google Allo available, do not worry because you will get it throughout the day. If you can not wait and want to try this new instant messaging service, you can always download the APK from OSAPPSBOX. However, here too we leave the official link to Google Allo within the store Google.
It has been several months since Google Allo was presented during the Google I / O that was held last May and after rumors and leaks can finally download from APKMirror the new instant messaging client giant Internet search. This app is the personal commitment of the company based in Mountain View for a more efficient and intelligent IM and comes to stay for many years between us.
From Google Allo has access to everything we need, without leaving the application so we can find all kinds of information without having to leave the conversation at any time. In addition, the new instant messaging client Google allows us to respond to messages without our having to write a single word.

Google Allo, efficient, intelligent and fun:

Google intelligent response Allo learn from us over time and suggests answers that we would give ourselves. We could say that this is a kind of predictive keys but goes a little further, but we have to wait for the first tests to see how it really works.

On the other hand, as we have already seen in one of the latest updates from WhatsApp, Google Allo will allow us to annotate or draw on photos that we will send our contacts. Although this is not a tool that excites a certain section of users, the fact is that it is a tool that gives you more life and personality to each of the chats.
The new instant messaging application Google has new and flashy Stickers that have been created by artists and studios around the world. We assume that over time we will see how the collection is extensive and new items are added to the stickers.
Of course, Google has Allo encryption end to end we have already seen in other applications of this type. In this way we can maintain our privacy and our conversations not be read by anyone but us. Users will be able to send messages that expire after a certain time, in addition to receiving private notifications through its “incognito”.
What do you think of the new Google Allo? Do you think that will be the new benchmark of instant messaging versus the other available options?

Download and install Google Allo:

For now, the official launch has not occurred globally, but you can now download and install Google Allo in Spain. Being a newly published application, you have few contacts that may get missed, although probably start filling your list when available officially in your country.

Once you have it in internal memory, run the .apk Google Allo and follow the usual steps until it is properly installed.

Check your phone and select profile picture:

Like other messaging applications, Google Allo ask you to verify your mobile number. Is a measure of common security tries to avoid identity theft and false accounts. Just enter the number and wait for an SMS with a validation code. The app will detect it automatically, so you only need to click on Continue.
The profile picture can set it making it a selfie-the default option by default-or uploading one from the gallery of your phone. You can also choose between you have stored in Google Photos, and that if anything characterizes Allo is integration with all the developer services, including Maps and Drive.
The last step in setting up your profile Allo is to choose a name. As in WhatsApp, it is that contacts can see you do not have on your agenda.

A fairly basic customization:

Presumably, Google Allo is an application that is adding options over time. However, if it has been officially published in the United States, it is because the developer considered finished. You can be assessed in basic settings available, especially compared to WhatsApp.

Allo not has been, and if you access your profile can change the name and photo, nothing more. For its part, the section Settings lets you disable notifications for all chats and sound, but do not set individual sounds for group chats or decide when you want media files to be downloaded automatically.
If Google wants to end the dominance of WhatsApp, you should offer many more customization options. Allo use should not only be comfortable and practical thanks to artificial intelligence; It must be something else.

Google chats Allo: WhatsApp + Snapchat, nothing new under the sun:

Let’s be clear from the start: Google Allo chats offer nothing that does not exist in applications like WhatsApp or Messenger. The stickers are a feature that aims to differentiate it from the more direct competition, but is unlikely to go to convince hundreds of millions of users industry giant.
Another function that copies of competition, in addition to the bumper, is to draw and write on the image sent. It is not nearly as interactive as Snapchat, but it is as much as WhatsApp. It’s something.
Visually, the appearance of Allo is nice. With icons as background circles, chats show messages in various colors and rounded icons. It is minimalist, something that times practically imposed.
The operation of Google Allo you cannot fault it beyond the lack of innovation. It is missing more integration with other services beyond Google Maps to send your location. If the company already has all the data of its users, why there is a button to share directly from Google Photos?

At the moment, it does not admit any calls or video calls. It is inexplicable that Google has not integrated Duo, its specific application for it, and has even pulled Allo Hangouts to provide this feature. It is not known if they come later, but the feeling that transmits the messaging application Google is “autism” with respect to other services of the firm, although they work well enough alone.

What we have tried to do is save users time. According to Google, the rapid response of another of the star features. It consists of automatic suggestions of responses to routine questions like “Where are you?” Or “Are you coming your way”?
It appeared that today 21 September could try the new messaging application that Google announced at Google I / O. We know that a few weeks we are enjoying Duo, the other application we saw in the same event and used to make video calls easily. Well, we all wondered when Allo be available.

From today and you can download the apk leaving us access to the application. By the time Google Play have to wait, but below we leave a fully secure link where you can download the application without fear of infecting your phone. But before we talk a little about the news that leaves us this new service.

A WhatsApp with other interface and Google Assistant:

We’ve seen the operation of Allo in the Google I / O a few months ago and little has changed since. This is a new messaging application that is available for everyone that has a phone number and an account of Google, which are almost all users who use Android in the world.
If you have used any other messaging application, started in this will not be complicated and you’ll catch the quick taste. You will just have to adapt to the new interface, which has achieved some pretty animations and leaving you in very good position. But this is not all.
We have several options chat: one to one, group, incognito and Google Assistant. And you can imagine such as chat one to one and group, we can send messages, photos, emoji, stickers and more quickly and easily. Chats incognito feature encryption end to end and have the ability to send messages that self-destruct.
But the most interesting thing is Google Allo Assistant. This chat allows us to have a personal assistant who asks questions. It’s like Google Now, but respond more colloquial way, since it is designed for. We can make all kinds of questions, send voice notes, pictures or videos and he processed to answer us as quickly as possible.
For example, if we are facing a building we do not know as it is called, simply send a photograph of it to give us information about it. It is certainly the best of Allo, but for the moment you realize that you are learning Spanish, so the questions should be in English.
Do not wait to try the new competitor and WhatsApp, which we wish you all the luck in the world because the will need to take ownership of the giant Facebook.
Another messaging app? Right, but since Google wants this to be the final. Allo is your weapon against giants like WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage, users want to conquer not convinced with Hangouts.
Records that Google announced last I / O plans to improve communications between users and there announced Duo, an app for video calls, and Allo, who does not want to be a messaging application more, but is integrated with the power of the wizard company personnel.

Google Allo, more than a messaging app:

At a basic level, Google Allo makes what we might expect from any app current messaging: can talk to contacts and group sending text, pictures, stickers, videos, voice memos, and locations (for now no document delivery) but there are some interesting extras.
For example, the Smart Reply feature allows you to automatically answer without writing anything because it learns your habits and can even recognize what’s in a photo you have received to give context.
Allo also has “chats incognito”, a form of communication that figure from one end to the talks we want, and we can even add shelf life to disappear after the time indicated.

Google Assistant, your personal assistant in any conversation:

There is no doubt that the great attraction of Allo is Google Assistant. The company has integrated into its new application all the functions of personal assistant, so we can keep a conversation with him directly, for example, to ask about possible plans, ask him to do things for us, directions, store reminders and more.
And at the same time, Google Assistant can also appear in the group chats, enough to “invoke” @google writing so that all members can use or to supplement with information of interest issues that is being discussed.
Google Allo is the biggest bet of Google in the field of instant messaging. An application that claims to be the main messaging tool able to compete with the greats of his sector. Its main assets are its simplicity, ease of use and the useful addition of a personal assistant.
Allo keeps chat conversations with our contacts and can have private conversations and enable the possibility that the talk is incognito. Inside a room, we have own resources typical services like WhatsApp: the ability to send photos, videos, stickers or locations.
Also included is the personal assistant mentioned that functions as a conventional chat bot similar to those offered by Google Now features, but in this case is all more intuitive and direct. We may ask if it will rain tomorrow or how many it takes to get to our house, all without leaving the chat interface.
No doubt Google Allo claims to be the workhorse of the company to focus all user communications in one place. How simple it is to use, the few resources it consumes and the fact that it is totally free to make it worth at least give it a try.

So what are you waiting for! just download the free Google Allo Messaging App APK for your android and have some fun Chatting Your Friends And Family members in the Completely new way. Clicking the following link you will have the latest version of Google Allo APK file free Download For your android.

Required Android:
  • 4.1 And UP

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