L4D Pingtool Apk (Latest) v1.0 Download For Android

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Having a slow internet connection? You know using a slower internet connection is frustrating! Especially when we use mobile phones. There are so many folks who have complained about it. Right now, we have a solution for that! In this post, we are going to introduce an Android app L4D PingTool, which will help you to increase your internet speed!

What Is L4D PingTool?

L4D Ping Tool is an android application which is using for improving internet speed. Thankfully, this application is compatible with almost all networks and Android versions! It’s kind of a plug and play type application. Once you set up the application, you are free to go. No additional customization is required.

L4D PingTool Apk

The application will run in the background of your device! The L4D Ping Tool is with us for almost several years! The application is developed by a well-known android app developer – Wisdomsky.

I am pretty sure that you can simply increase your internet speed by using this application! So, why are you waiting? Get the application free from below and improve your browsing experience!

Is L4D Ping Tool Completely Free?

Damn yes! The L4D PingTool is a free Android application. You don’t need to spend money on these applications anymore. You will get the best one for free!

Download L4D PingTool

L4D Ping Tool application is a third-party Android application. This means you can’t get this application from the Google Play Store. Thankfully, we have got you covered! You can get the latest version of the L4D Ping Tool from the link at the bottom.

Note: Your anti-virus program may show a warning! Well, the application is virus-free. We have tested this app our selves and we will not spread viruses or malicious programs through our blog. So, ignore the warning and feel free to install the L4D Tool. Now, let’s see how can we install the L4D Ping Tool on our Android device.

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Installation and Configuration

Once you downloaded the application to your phone, locate it in the file manager and open the file. Install the application just like installing normal ones!

L4d Pindtool Apk Installation

After installing, open the application.

L4d Pindtool Installed

Now, you are done! Simply open the application. A small screen will appear on your device with all the received data packets information.

Start L4d Pindtool App

Now if you click on the L4D icon there on your screen, it will show the app options.

L4d Pindtool Options

There, you can:

  • Clear Logs
  • Go To Settings
  • Exit App.

Clearing logs mean you could clear all the received data from the app. In most cases, we may want to access the app’s settings. There, you could see the settings.

L4d Pindtool Settings

You will get complete control over your application. All the technical kinds of stuff can see there. On top of that, for customizing the UI, there’s also the appearance settings.

L4d Pindtool Appearance Settings

Saving the settings will reflect in the application almost instantly. If you click on the exit app, the small monitor will be disappeared. But, note: the application will be running under the roof! The app got a clean interface!

L4D Ping Tool Features

  • Better Browsing Experience
  • Enhance Speed
  • Best For VPN Users
  • No Compatibility Issues
  • No Root Required!


●     It May Be Affect Your Phone’s Performance.


We hope you found this post helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and family members on social media. Probably it will help them to increase their internet speed! If you are already using the L4D PingTool, share your experience! Let us know how is it working for you!

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