Mood Messenger SMS & MMS APK Download Free for Android

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Download the most beautiful and powerful SMS messaging app of Mood Messenger free APK at the end of this article. It is the best and perfect SMS messaging tool ever used for messages. In fact, it is a wonderful application that lets you have a new style of communication.

You can communicate more easily, fast and effective communications with this amazing messaging tool. It is a fully comprehensive app and a must-have companion for better and easy communication with your Android device or tablet. This best communication application replaces your default SMS app by providing you with exclusive features and content. 

Mood Messenger

You can send SMS and MMS with Mood Messenger faster than ever. Emojis with predictive and automatic writing, stop observing for an emoji. Simply type a word and the matching smiley will display up, and the keyboard will be overjoyed. Moreover, it offers you to share moods directly without having to write your actual word such as angry, happy, joyful, cheerful, overjoyed and even sad. Just fit a mood emoji to show up your feelings.

Customization colours and forms of the message effervesce talk list’s wallpapers, size and stylishness of every font. Also, set backgrounds, emoticons, emojis, smileys, and notification sounds select all you can enjoy in Mood Messenger. Mood features everything that is required for a completely personalized SMS & MMS that offers you to send texts and media messages. 

More about Mood Messenger 

With Mood Messenger, you can directly watch and share YouTube videos through SMS. It lets you share and watch animated GIFs in straight form. You can also share your position in actual time instead of having to give details about your location; simply share the map of your existing place directly with your friends with it. You may also download WhatsApp Messenger APK.

Customize your discussion by using thousands of beautiful wallpapers. That is offered on Mood or you can upload your own photo to set as a background picture while conversation. In every chat, the media button will let you access any shared snap and video. You can also share the images and videos that you get on social media directly from the app. 

Communicate without counting with Mood Messenger. Send free unlimited messages to Mood users while using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or mobile data. It is completely free to send messages to the user of this tool. It lets you chat in groups and make a group of up to 200 people talk in a group.

Mood Messenger

Moreover, you don’t need any Wi-Fi, no 3G or 4G or any other data connection for sending a message. Simply switch your discussion at any time from the messaging moods to the SMS conversation when you are offline. This useful app also helps you to switch any chat to the secretive mode and hide it from the chat list displayed. 

Now don’t look up for your words any longer and stop looking for the right word to define your frame of mind. It offers you a set of innovative and perfect emojis to exemplify all your excitements, feelings and moods such as anger, happiness, sadness, overexcited or in love. Besides, it is a really interesting and useful application to communicate in a new style. 

Features of Mood Messenger APK:

  • It is really an amazing customizable alternative to your existing Android SMS & MMS messaging application.
  • You will find it a simple, smooth, and effective messaging tool.
  • It lets you bring customize almost everything, and you have access to astonishing messaging features such as the message typing indicator and real-time caller id.
  • If you are not happy with your default massager app then you must try Mood Messenger as your default SMS and MMS messaging app.
  • Message bubble shapes & colours
  • It provides you with many beautiful Backgrounds and more than 100 messaging themes
  • You can send Animated Emojis – iOS, Android or Emoji One-style emojis.
  • Besides, with Mood Messenger, you can easily choose over 100 free themes to personalize your text conversations.
  • It offers a dark mode and also offers many great texting aspects.
  • Typing indicator to see when your contact is writing you a message.
  • Protected your messages with Chat Encryption between Mood Messenger users.
  • You can discuss in groups in chat form.
  • Real-time Caller ID – no more number guessing!
  • Moreover, it is easy for you and very fast to chat from the After Call Screen.
  • It lets you secure your private conversation to hide messages and protect them with a protective password.
  • You can block Spam content and easily blacklist annoying communications.
  • In addition to this, you can send the funniest sticker messages from its animated GIF collection.
  • You can pin important conversations at the top of the list for instant communications.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of Android devices.
Mood Messenger


So, if you want a messenger application, crash-free, user-friendly SMS & MMS texting app with dozens of astonishing features, look no further and give Mood Messenger a try.

So, download the latest APK file of Mood Messenger from the below given downloaded URL link for free. Install the app via its APK on your android device or tablet. Then start to communicate with your friends and loved ones with a unique way of style. Keep visiting our site for many other useful and great apps. Support us by sharing this post with your friends. Simply click on the following link to download the APK. You can also download it from Google Play Store.

This amazing and useful communicating application offered by Calea requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

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