Paytm Golden Gate APK (Latest) Download for Android

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Here in this tutorial, we are talking about Paytm Golden Gate APK. Scientific discoveries and modern technology changed this vast world into a global village. The rapid development in modern technology has closed the world into a smartphone. Especially the Internet and smartphones bring the revolution in our daily lives.

Moreover, you can do all things at your fingertips within a few moments. From the receiving money to the transfer of funds, paying different bills to receive bills everything becomes so much easier than ever. It provides you with many new methods of making money. So, keep connecting with other folks to come to be part of this modern technology.

Would you have expected that before? There will a time come in which you will able to send and receive funds by using your smartphone. However, you are onto it and you can do it very easily. The developers of this astonishing app make it possible by introducing new ways for its users. You are a click away to do all things in a good manner by using your cell phone. For that, you have to download the free APK from the below-provided URL link. 

The uniqueness of this application is if you have one lac Indian rupee in your KYC account. Then it lets you spend unlimited money from the Paytm wallet. Similarly, you will pay back the spend money in the KYC account. This application only works in India. If you are an Indian citizen, then you are lucky enough to use this wonderful package of KYC wallet. The aim of the developers behind this app is to make India digitalize by linking the citizens to each other. 

How to Earn Money with Paytm Golden Gate APK?

You can earn money with this Golden application as you can earn the pocket money by doing the KYC of the clients. For that, you have to come to be the Paytm partner with other citizens who have an Android smartphone or shop can be your official partner. For each prosperous KYC, you need to complete the biometric system.

Besides, you will get the amount of twenty Indian rupees. If you will complete the KYC by means of manually then you will earn 15 Indian cash amounts. To become a partner you need to fill up the online registration form. After complete the fill-up registration form, you will able to get access to the Paytm Golden Gate APK. In addition to this, you will kick start your earnings. 

How to fill up the registration form for Paytm partner?

  • First of all, you need to download and install this amazing Android app on your device. 
  • And run the application on your Android smartphone. Then click on the new option and tap on your KYC cell number. 
  • Choose the client category. Read the terms and conditions and accept them. 
  • Now enter the code which you received on the cell number that you provided. If you fail to receive the code up to three to four minutes, then simply tap for resending. 
  • When you receive the code you will be directed to a new window screen, where you have to upgrade your KYC number. 
  • Now you have to complete KYC by providing other required documents such as photos, national identity card, and other official documents. Please remember that only original documents will be accepted. 
  • Give the details of your date of birth as it is mentioned on your national ID card. 
  • Now click on the + sign to get the KYC form. Complete the details and provide the customer’s signature. Now give your email details as well. 
  • Then ask the PAN of the client and enter its ADHAR number. Moreover, it also includes the complete postal address. 
  • If you have done all these then accept the submission. Now you have to successfully update the Paytm KYC information of the customer. 


It is really much important to use the Paytm Golden Gate Android app. So, download the app from below provided URL link for free. Install it on your Android tablet and smartphone and start earning on the go. 

This app offered by Paytm and it required android 4.0.1 and up

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