Root Browser APK Download for Android

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Root Browser APK is a wonderful file management tool for rooted android devices, smart mobile phones and tablets. It is the fair option for you to browse over all of your Android devices inner system. Moreover, this Browser and file manger aimed only at users of rooted Android smartphones or tablets. The reason is that the application grants access to various features that you cannot use without superuser privileges. Therefore, download it from down here on this page for free.

Furthermore, it provides you mainly identical tools as you would find on any other famous browser. You can copy, cut, paste, and transfer files and folders more conveniently as well as rename any document with Root Browser. Other remarkable options it gives include the probability to select the attributes of any file to read, write, run or compress many documents into one folder. In addition to this user can search for content from any APK or ZIP folders.

Moreover, it is a great and very handy archive manager for everyone with a rooted android device. It offers the whole thing a decent android file explorer should, along with a lot of great features. 

Root Browser APK

Features of Root Browser

Table of Contents

  • This is completely free to download and install. 
  • In addition, it offers two file manager panels in a single application. 
  • It gives batch, copy, paste, zip, tar and other formats. 
  • Besides, you can easily explore APK, ZIP, RAR and many other Archives. 
  • You can easily move, and delete files and documents with this great tool. 
  • It allows you to delete or create archives and folders. 
  • Users can view and edit files and documents more comfortably. 
  • By using Root Browser APK users can send files and document by email. 
  • You can bookmark any folder or document for easy access. 
  • It allows you to change documents and archives permission and ownership. 
  • With this browsing application, you add files and folders to sub-directories when needed. 
  • It offers clockwork recover support for ZIP folders and thumbnail support for certain files and documents. 
  • You can also explorer archives and folders with other apps as well. 
  • With its search feature, you can search over files and folders. 


Download the free APK of Root Browser by following below given downloaded link. Install the app and start managing documents and archives on your android device or tablet in more conveniently. Carry out advance root-level operations through files and folders to get you desirable results on the fly. Download the app via its APK right from below!

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