Shadow Fight 2.0 APK Latest Download for Android

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If you love to play one on one action of the World’s most inspiring fighting game. Then download the free APK of Shadow Fight 2.0 down here on this page for free. And install it on your android device or tablet to start to enjoy the action. It will be one of the most exciting games you have ever experienced. Moreover, it offers the eventual action of combat one on one action with the perilous enemies. That is ready to take your life at any instant. Now it’s up to you to defeat your opponents by utilizing your fighting expertise. And become the winner of the 1 on 1 battle world. To know more about this ultimate fighting game keep read the below-listed features. 

Shadow Fight 2.0

Features of the Shadow Fight 2.0 APK

  • This 1 on 1 action fighting game is completely free to download and install. 
  • You can build up a super team to defeat the world and make arrangements to build your own kingdom. 
  • You can choose the high-class hero according to the significant strength and weakness against other classes of your foes to win the fight. 
  • During the playing of the game, you can burst in a ruckus with violent dash attacks or have at the range. And hail down hell on your opponent with rapid gunshots, weighty beams or cluster bombs. 
  • Never let the beginner level Al boob you, they can get insanely challenging at times. 
  • Furthermore, the HD quality of graphics and immersive buttonless control scheme makes the fighting more enjoyable. 
  • You can use the headphones to fully familiarity epic 3-D sound result. 
  • You can also unlock new stories and plans as you continue to play shadow fight 2.0. 
  • Famous superheroes ranged from the noble old days to the latest ones. 
  • There are categorical classes for new players and operative exercise to an acquaintance with an exceptional game-play. 
  • Reputation points can be used to take part in versus mode of the game, which really boost the gold reward and increases the item drop rate. 
  • In fact, you can unlock shiny equipment. Various skills and stats upgrade system are also available. 

How to Play this Game? 

  • Playing and controlling the game is very easy and simple. 
  • Simply, tap anywhere on the screen of your device for the movement of the player and bring him in to fight. 
  • You can easily switch the fighting skills during the fight such as punches, kicks, dashes and many other skills. To beat your opponent by tapping on the icons at the bottom right corner. 
  • Similarly, tap on the opponent to fire quick shots on him while you are at a long distance or hold for a few seconds. To charge up your shots and release a huge energy burst to beat the hell out your opponents. 
  • From a closer distance, you will tap on your opponent to approach and dish out a chain of melee attacks to abolish him. 
  • In addition to this, swipe your device screen towards your foe to execute a lethal dash attack on him. And also stay still to automatically block incoming attacks from enemies. 
  • Double-tap on your hero to trigger the powerful sonic blast. Press and hold on your hero to quickly restore him. 

So, download the latest APK file of the Shadow Fight 2.0 from below given link for free just in one click. Install it on your android device or tablet. And enjoy a new revolution of versus-fighting action game. This thrilling action fight offered by Blackhole Studio and it requires Android 4.0.3 and up.


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