Subway Surfers APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

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Subway Surfers APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

Download Subway Surfers Latest v1.55.1 [APK]

Subway Surfers is an awesome game presented by Kiloo and SYBO Games. This is an action game as the motto of this game is dash or run as fast as you can through the subway and run that much fast that the oncoming train can’t chase you.

Subway Surfers APK Latest Version Free Download For Android
Fortunately Tricky and the remaining crew got succeeded in escaping from the inspector and his dog, so now it’s all your duty to run fast and make sure to dodge the oncoming train. Enjoy an ultra-vivid HD Graphics and color full chasing with cooperative and coolest crew having some awesome and expensive swipe acrobatics, getting some floating food or painted Jetpacks. In 2012 when it was launched for the first time, at that time the game theme was “world tour” and you have to run through the cities like Sydney, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro and Miami. Initially in the starting of the game we have to play with default character known as Jack, but as we collect more and more coins than we will have chance of unlocking some new characters. To unlock Yutani and Fresh we have to collect coins as well as radios and UFO’s.

Subway Surfers APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

As the main objective of this game is running so while running we have to avoid or dodge the randomly generating obstacles either by jumping (slide finger forward to jump), duck or bend (slide finger backward to bend) and make sure the oncoming train will not chase you.

Some of the main characters of this game are:

Yutani, Jake, Tricky, Spike, Lucy, Prince K, Brody, Tasha, Fresh, Frizzy, Ninja, Dino, King, Tagbot, ZoeZombie Jake, Elf Tricky,Tony, Carmen, Roberto, Nick, Kim ,Harumi ,Coco ,Sun ,Alex ,Eddy ,Jamie ,Jay ,Mina ,Rosa ,Olivia ,Edison ,Wayne ,Noon ,Amira ,Marco ,Nikos
All of these characters of this game have same abilities but the difference is in their costumes. Every character is available for small interval of time so try to complete the level as soon as possible.


When you click the following link it will redirect you to a new page where you will see a download button, just click that button and your download will start automatically in 15 to 20 Seconds. IF it will pop up to a new tab then once again click the download button and your APK will start downloading.

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