Traffic Rider APK Latest v1.4 Free Download For Android

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Traffic Rider APK

Download Free Traffic Rider Latest v1.4 [APK]

Traffic Rider game APK is a driving game in single mode play, in which players can get behind the wheel of a motorcycle and drive at full speed through traffic. The circuits are composed exclusively of straight expressways, which although have to dodge other vehicles will not have to take turns.

The style of the game is virtually identical to Traffic Racer APK, developed by the same team of authors. Players can accelerate by pressing the right handlebar and brake by pressing the left handlebar. To tilt the bike from side to side will have to tilt the terminal, an intuitive movement that is also well implemented. As usual, when overtaking a vehicle passing near it, we get more points (or longer, depending on the game mode).

Traffic Rider APK has an option of twenty different motorcycles to choose from. At first, we can only use small-displacement bikes, but we will soon be able to also unlock large motorcycles. It is the best that can lead them through many different stages and at different times of day: at night, at dawn, at noon …
Traffic Rider is a spectacular racing game in every way: it has several game modes with dozens of races and events, outstanding visuals, and most importantly, a control system perfectly adapted to touch devices. One of the best motorcycle games for Android, by far.
Another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Racer. This time, you get to drive a motorcycle in a more detailed game experience but keeps the fun and simplicity of a classic. Latest Version of Traffic Rider game APK is a new level in the racing genre endless adding a full career mode, the first-person perspective, enhanced graphics and sounds of real bikes. This game retains the essence of arcade racing with all the innovation of the new generation. Run for the very long road while dodging traffic, improve and buy new missions to overcome motorcycles career mode. It’s time to give everything a bike! 

Key Features of Latest Version of Traffic Rider game APK:
  • Camera with the first-person view 
  • 24 bikes to choose 
  • Real engine sounds recorded motorcycle truth
  • Detailed environments with day and night variations.

  • Career Mode with over 60 missions 
  • Online Bookmarks and over 30 achievements 
  • Available in 18 languages TIPS 
  • The faster you go, the more points you get 
  • When driving over 100 km / h, ahead of the cars nearby to get more points and money 
  • If you drive in the opposite direction in two
  • way mode you will get more points and money 
  • Make seahorses get more points and money 
  • Take the Initial Package 30% off!
Requires Android:

  • 2.3.3 and up

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