TSF Launcher APK Latest Download for Android

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If you want to give an elegant 3D look to your smartphone or android device screen. Then download the TSF Launcher 3D Shell APK from down here on this page for free. And launch it to give subvert look to your mobile screen. This most astonishing app with even intensifying features. That will make your phone a splendid 3D appearance. Moreover, it is a dazzling android application that will offer you smoothest, inimitable and most personalized operative experience. 

In fact, TSF Launcher is a gleaming type innovate 3D launcher. That will also subvert your knowledge of the smartphone display screen setups. You allowed characterizing each and every feature of the home screen freely and more adroitly. This escalating featured keeps making new components and high-class 3D gears. That will bring you marvellous operational skill and extraordinary visual graphics.

TSF Launcher

Features of TSF Launcher Android APP 

  • It offers creative animatronics transition impacts. All processes such as including cancellation, extension, a display up menu or fading offered with natural, manifest and spread smoothly affecting transition impacts. 
  • With it, you will get phenomenal and an efficacious 3D screen swapping mode. And cruising home screen component design mode. It supported more than 10 free layout home screens. 
  • It also offers limitless dock bar dimensions to adjust its position, length and angle as well as to adjust the size. And also the status displayed or concealed of signs and files in the dock bar. 
  • You can open the applications and folders in the dock bar with wave slithering method. And also select batch symbol selecting for home screens, files, organizers and dock bar. 
  • It lets you more than 10 TSF Launcher distinctive widgets, such as Memo, Messages, Clock Weather, Gallery, Music, and so on. All of the 3D gadgets offer exceptional visual and mediator experience. 
  • It offers more than 9 motions supported for Android shortcuts, such as induction of apps, phone call, SMS, as well as its substitute directions. And also offers home screen swapping, status bar covering, TSF sidebar concealing up. 
  • You can enjoy TSF Launcher Arch alternate menu with exceptional liveliness effects and operational experience. It has the capability to finish snippy custom alternate route setups on any device screen. 
  • With innovative sign editing tool, you can modify symbol such as back image, text label style, upon image etc. It also offers many other free enjoyable themes. 
  • You can preview the directly analogous settings with hilarious and native TSF setting menu. 


Download the latest APK file of this astonishing android app from below given downloaded link for free. Install it on your android device or smartphone. Now enjoy fine-looking screen of your device on the go. It offered by Launcher 3D pro and it requires Android 2.2 and up. 

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