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TXD Tool APK is specially established for proficient developers and for modding experts. In fact, it gives you modified and improved features for its users. This application comprehensively works with all brands of Android devices. It lets you edit the texture and appearance of SA and VC. These are the best editions of the GTA game. Moreover, GTA is the most popular game for PCs. Besides, it provides accurate graphics as well as the background.

Furthermore, TXD Tool APK is only made for the Grand Theft Auto game. So, you have to avoid using this app for other gaming applications. With it, you can modify cars and several other types of features in the software. You can also import, export, rename, delete, change kinds of stuff and generate stage names. Moreover, it is a really powerful application that lets you the ability to modify the whole gaming experience and background.

Similarly, sometimes users make stuff because of game lags. It is all because of the 3D models that you have intended. However, sometimes those objects are heavy and Android devices cannot support operating them. In addition, while optimizing the objects or features you have to take great care. 

How to use TXD Tool APK? 

It is a third party application offered by the VIS apps. Initially, it is only supported by Android devices and tablets. You can use it to generate Mipmaps and do RLE compression. It also lets you export the format setting from the PC version to the mobile. With TXD Tool APK, you can change the colours of your vehicles; modify weapons and several other types of aspects. So, for that, you have to download and install this app on your smartphone to make it workable.

However, for the perfect usage of this application, you must have at least Android 4.1 and above version operating system. Apart from this, you are also required to install the GTA SA and GTA VC as well on your Android device. In addition to this, your device must have a RAM capacity of 1GB. More importantly, you must have a sound knowledge of editing or modding texture in apps. Otherwise, it may affect your devices. 


TXD Tool
TXD Tool
TXD Tool

How to Download TXD Tool APK on Android devices? 

To download this app you need to follow the below-given link URL. However, it is available on Play Store, but you have to pay some money to get it from the Play Store. To get it free of cost you need to tap on the below-provided download link.

As you know we offer completely free apps and games. So, download the latest APK of the TXD Tool from the given download URL for free. Install it on your Android device or tablet and enjoy it on the go.

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