VLC Beta APK Latest Download for Android

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Download the VLC Beta media player and open source cross-platform multimedia player for free. That plays most of the audiovisual files as well as a compact disk, devices and net streaming code of behaviour. In addition to this, it supports a catholic range of media forms containing both video and audio formats. With VLC Beta, you can easily play MKV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, AMR, WAV, AVI and various other media libraries. As everyone intended that this version not perfectly stable but you can try some features before releasing of VLC’s stable version.

VLC Beta

Furthermore, it plays most of the local audio and video collections as well as network streams and permits to browse files in a straight line. It also supports for multi-track audio and video, auto-rotation, aspect ratio fine-tuning and gesticulations to control volume and clarity.

More about VLC Beta

Furthermore, VLC beta for Android put up by keeping an analysis background in thoughts. So it may cause your device to halt and you may feel quite a few other issues as well. Because this is an initial app, a lot of things are not complete, but will change for the final release:

Download and install it and simply test what’s new will be released in the upcoming version of the media player. Some features may not work appropriately. So, start testing the beta version of this well-known media player on your Android device or tablet on the go. Download the latest APK file VLC Beta from below provided download link for free. Install it on your smartphone and start to cover art and a complete audio media library. You may also deliberate download the steady and stable version if you do not satisfied with the beta version.

It developed by video labs and it requires Android 2.1 an up. 

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