World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2 for Android

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Do you love to play cricket? If your answer is in yes, then download the free APK of World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2 from down here on this page. And install the app on your android device or tablet and enjoy playing on the go. In fact, it is the most love-able game in Sub-Continent. It has been followed in the other regions of the world. This is completely free to download from below provided download URL link. The followers of the game warmly welcome to the next generation in a mobile cricket.

Moreover, lovers of this game will found it one of the master edges in mobile gaming. The followers now have extraordinary 3D nifty match diversions at the palm of their hands. This game specially made for the cricket devotees. You have burdens to look forward and you can easily adjust your players and cheer your team with rebuilt standards. Similarly, you will look forward and anticipate brilliant actions, amusing animations. Several playing venues, new controls and a new camera angle with new directions. Now every fan can play the most progressive 3D mobile game at the palm of their hands.

Furthermore, World Cricket Championship 2 comes with highlights which makes it the most dynamic and flexible revolution. With this gaming android app, you can play the greatest number of cricketing strokes. Like famous Dil-scoop of Dilshan and the Helicopter shot of MS Dhoni. In addition to, Uppercut shot of Tendulkar and many more shots you can play. Be ready for crazy fun and joys. This great game offers several remarkable features as listed below. 

World Cricket Championship 2

Features of World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2 APK

  • This cricket game is completely free to download and very interesting to play. 
  • It offers 80 different top quality cricketing strokes for batting and 10 different types of bowling actions. 
  • Consequently, you can play some of the most famous cricket shots. Dil-scoop, reverse sweep, the Helicopter shot, uppercut and many more interesting shots too. 
  • It provides you with the autoplay mode for bowling and batting sides first time in this mobile game. 
  • You can also enjoy thrilling fielding with superb diving catches. Amazing actions and quick throws to surprise the opponent carried out by the fielders. 
  • Besides, the physics of ball is rather realistic than ever take place in this game. 
  • You will enjoy the different variations and conditions in the pitches like hard and dry, dusty, flat, and bouncy green. In WCC2 you will decide whether to bat or bowl after looking at the condition of the pitch. Because it plays an important role. 
  • Players gain extra talents for consistent performance and this supports them to improve gradually. You will perform better with players and get points. 
  • Similarly, 18 different international teams are available in the WCC2 World Cricket Championship2. Top 10 domestic teams from different countries and test teams included. 
  • It offers many hot cricketing events. In addition to this, 11 tournaments such as world cup, T20 cup, champions’ trophy, one-day international series and more. You can select your dream team and start to play in any events. 
  • The team mode is available in the app where you can make teams and play in challenges. 
  • You can challenge your friends for playing good and hard-hitting matches and prove yourself as a good player. 

More stunning features of WCC2

  • Challenging to friends and winning matches will help to improve the skills and you get the points. 
  • You can make changes in your playing 11 and make changes in their names and roles. 
  • With it you enjoy the reactions of the fielders vary according to the situations of the game. 
  • You will enjoy the cinematic camera and real-time lighting improvement and real-time infographics pictures during playing a match. 
  • In addition, 3D wagon wheel charts and 3D bar charts to show the score and allover innings run. 
  • While bowling you can appeal for LBW and refers the review for Hawk-eye option. 
  • You can enjoy the ultra-slow motion action replays after hitting each boundary and getting wicket with various camera angles. 
  • Different camera setting for bowlers and batsman’s from batting and bowling ends. 
  • Take stunning catches behind the stumps as a wicketkeeper. You can do quick stumps and tight 3rd umpire decisions to create realistic cricketing experiences. 
  • Enjoy the professional audio commentary and get the cheer from the crowd by executing a six with perfect timing. 
  • You can also enjoy the placement of the field according to your bowling plan. It is time prove yourself as good captain to control your opponent batsman and restrict your opponent team at a low score. 
  • While batting you can celebrate the century and half-century with a unique style. During bowling, you can celebrate a wicket and get encouragement from your teammates. 
  • In WCC2 you can use the pink colour ball for night test matches. You can also refer to the super ultra-edge detector for LBW leg before wicket decisions. 
  • You can edit your players’ names and their roles. And enjoy the improving performance in gameplay and graphical improvement in stadiums. 


Moreover, grab all these and many other exciting modes. Simply download the APK file of World Cricket Championship 2 from below downloading link. Install the app on your android device or tablet. Enjoy the finest game in the history of mobile cricket games. Download the APK and enjoy playing this award-winning cricket game on your mobile or tablet.

WCC2 offered by Nextwave Multimedia Inc and it requires Android 4.1 and up

You can also download the OBB file of world cricket championship 2 by clicking from below given link.

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