Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition Apk (Latest) v7.00 For Android

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This word Social Media contains 2 parts, Social and Media. Social means to interact with other people by giving them different kinds of information and receiving information from them. The media part means an instrument through which people can communicate with each other like the internet while TV, radio, and newspaper are older forms of media. Social media are tools that are web-based and that enable people to interact with each other by giving and receiving information.
The common features of social media are User accounts, Profile pages, Friends, Followers, Groups, Hashtags, Newsfeed, Personalization, Notification, Information updating, Saving or Posting, Like buttons, Comment section, Review, Rating or Voting system. Visitors make the social accounts that they can log into so they can interact socially. Information can be shared and nobody can interact with others online without making a user account. Social media is all about interaction and communication, the profile page is very important to represent ourselves. It contains information about individual users, like a profile picture, a newsfeed of immediate posts, guidance and more. 
People use their accounts to connect with other people. They do this to get information. Social media sites usually give users the facility to change their user settings, change their profile to look a specific way, organize their friends and followers In a systematic way, manage the information they see in their news feed and even can give feedback on what they do or don’t want to see. 
Any app or site that notifies the people about important information is playing the game of social media. People have control over these notifications and can select to get types of notifications they want. If users are allowed to post anything with or without user accounts then it’s social. It could be a message, a picture upload, a video or a link. There are 2 common ways we connect on social media via like buttons or a comment section where we can represent our thoughts or give any kind of information.

Whatsapp Plus Latest Version

Along with commenting and liking lots of apps and sites of social media depends upon the effort of the community to rate, review or vote on information that they have used or that they know. There are some known issues with social media. Social media is not all about fun and games with your friends, people you admire and brands you follow. 
There are lots of problems that many social media platforms haven’t solved such as spams, cyber bullying, self-image manipulates, information overload, fake news, privacy or security. Social media makes it easy for spammers, both real people or bots to attack other people with content. Children and youngsters are especially victims of cyber bullying because they take a lot of risks when they post on social media. Users post about themselves on social media and represent a small part of their life on social media. 
While followers may see someone whole happy or living it up with their posts on social media in such a way that makes them feel boring or deficient by comparison, the truth is these users have power to completely control what parts they do or don’t want to broadcast on social media to operate their own self-image. It is not possible to have 300 Facebook friends or follow over 1000 Twitter accounts. With a lot of accounts to follow on social media and a lot of people posting new content, it’s impossible to keep up. False news stories are uploaded on fake news websites. Many people have no idea that they are fake in the first place. Many social media accounts still get hacked from time to time because of no good security measures.

About Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the messenger app for smartphones which is free to download. It requires internet to send and receive messages, video, audio, and images. This service is just like text messaging service. However, it requires internet for texting so the cost of using the app is very less than that of text messaging. 
WhatsApp was Initially Founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, and both of them were former employees of Yahoo, but in February 2014 Facebook acquired Whatsapp and Now Facebook-owned the WhatsApp. In the Android market, it is the biggest online messenger app and more than 1.5 billion users in over 180 countries use this app to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. 
It is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and free calling. It begins as a small startup and in just a few months it swelled up to 2500,00 users. It grows so fast that they had to charge to slow subscription rate down for using this service per year but now It reaches the mark of 1.5 billion monthly users
Smartphones with a sim card, an internet connection, and a phone number is required for using the App. Your phone number is used as a username by WhatsApp and your phone makes your account. Although your contact can be transferred over to new devices. The location of WhatsApp users can be shared by messages. 
The list of contacts can be organized so that the messages can be sent quickly to many people in a group chat through WhatsApp. It had built privacy and other security features so that messages once delivered cant be stored. Messages are end to end encrypted, employees and third-party cant read them. It also included ability so that messages that may have sent in error can be deleted. If a message is sent to wrong contact so it can be deleted. 
Whatsapp terms and conditions ensure that user should be at least 16 years of age to use this service in Europe. it will automatically set your privacy settings so that user can view your last seen, profile photo and status. This app provides lots of facilities to its users so that they can use it easily. you can easily Download latest WhatsApp Messenger from Google play store.

What is Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition

A new and modified version of Whatsapp has been introduced, known as Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition. It is better and advance than the basic app and can also unlock paid features. It can be used and installed on Android smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Even on iPhone. 
This app, you can hide view status so that you can see other users status anonymously. You can auto-reply to all messages that you receive in WhatsApp and you can increase the size limit of files that you share with your friends like images, videos and some other files etc. It was created by Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012. He aims to give reasonable service in the real development of modern technology. 
With this amazing app, you can send messages directly to WhatsApp servers and user in similar ways as you can do with the original App. It lets you chat privately in offline mode and enables you to perform many other functions which are not available in original Whatsapp Apk
WhatsApp Plus Gold is similar to the original app but provides customized and modified features than the native one. It has a blue icon. It can only be used on Android smartphones. “Whatsapp plus Gold Edition” is easy to install. It is also very easy to use. It makes the life easy due to its unbelievable features. 
This app has a lot of features to make the app very simple to use. Although it’s not a new application instead it is a new version but still, it provides a number of amazing features which are actually not available in the original version. Most importantly it is free and safe. A wide difference can be observed between original app and this gold edition app. 
WhatsApp plus Apk is highly advanced and provides a wide range of options and features. It has made communication more easy and simple to perform and no doubt that the basic reason for its rapid growth of users. It has become one of the most used application just because of its fantastic and amazing features. It is the best alternative app for the person who wants more control over stuff like notification, picture sending status updating etc.
Whatsapp ++ Gold is actually a cracked (Modded) version of official Whatsapp, and the user will have master access to the app with this premium hacked Apk, just download the latest 2019 version of free app and enjoy free premium access to the app.
WhatsApp plus Apk is a lot easier, advanced, modified and helpful. It has made communication easy and cheap. Messages can be sent just on a click likewise calls can be made easily to a person sitting on different part of the world, only a good internet access and connection is required. 
We can easily upload many statuses on WhatsApp and let people know about us and our activities. Now videos can also be uploaded on status. It does not limit the number of contacts so you can easily add as many people as you want and connect with them. 
We can find this awesome app in almost everyone’s cellphone and indeed it’s rating in increasing day by day. It a complete communicating application which not only let use text message someone but also audio and video call. So, there is no need for any other application if you are using WhatsApp Plus (Whatsapp ++). 
Bunch of facilities, features, and options are what exactly a user asks for and WhatsApp efficiently fulfills all the needs and requirements of users and servers. Long and Short we can say that its a complete package full of varieties, options, features, entertainment and a lot more.


Downloading of this helpful application is quite easy and simple. To use WhatsApp plus you should open your original App. After doing this backup your all conversations that exist in your original WhatsApp which you are running in your smartphone. Next, download and install WhatsApp plus Apk file. Then you have to enter your credentials (phone number) and then click on restore button when induced. So your backup conversation will be back. By this way, you can use your app plus very easily. By following the given steps, a person can easily download WhatsApp plus Apk in his/her smartphone ;

  • At first, Don’t Forget to Enable Unknown Sources From Settings menu or else you can’t install this app on your phone.
  • Go To Settings >> Security >> Enable “Unknown sources”
  • Next click on the above “Download Button” to download the apk file on your Android device.
  • Once Whatsapp plus Apk download is completed then click on the name of (WhatsappPlus.apk) application in the notification bar.
  • Finally, click on “install” after the completion of installation, enjoy the Whatsapp plus app.

What Makes Whatsapp Plus Better then WhatsApp Plus App:

    You can hide online status so that you will be shown offline to your friends even though you are online.
    You can hide blue ticks for contacts and group even if you read the message.
    You can hide second ticks for contacts and group so that your friend can’t see the second tick even though the message is received to you.
    You can hide writing Tick for contacts and group when you type a message but your friend can’t see the typing status.
    You can hide recording Status for contacts and group when you recording voice.
    You can hide Blue Microphone for contacts and group while sending a voice message.
    You can hide view status for contacts so that Your name will not appear even if you have seen the status of your friends.
    The most amazing feature of WhatsApp plus is you can entirely change the look and feel of WhatsApp by choosing different styles visual themes. There are over 700 free themes which can be directly installed from WhatsApp plus and they are free of cost and you can even sort by name, version, downloads, and date.
    WhatsApp plus offers an exclusive Ban Proof mod (Anti_Ban) mode by which you don’t have to scare of barring from WhatsApp.
    With this feature of the app, you can read the deleted messages. It is really the most amazing feature of this application.
    WhatsApp + Apk supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, French etc whereas the actual version only supports the English language. Now can you can easily chat in your own native language.
    In this app, you can easily send more than 10 photos to any of your contacts.
    WhatsApp Plus is totally free to download and most amazingly it is free of ads.
    You can easily video and audio call person sitting far away from you. You don’t have to Install any other application for that.
    WhatsApp plus lets you change the size limit of files from 2, to 50mb. There are also many options to change the size and quality of the images and videos.
    The most amazing feature of the app is that it lets auto-reply to all chats/messages even when you are busy.
    Now you can add many people many in one and send a message to all of them together and at once (Wishes, business info, picture sending etc). You can also name the group accordingly like Family group, school group, business group etc
    WhatsApp plus supports the privacy of data and information of users and which make the user feel safe and confidential.
    The possibility of copying a friend’s status. Now click on your Friend’s Status, and it will copy the status of your friend to Clipboard.
    If someone is annoying or disturbing you, you can block or disable that person from contacting you.
    In addition to a number of skins, 
    WhatsApp plus has 6 options for editing the appearance of the app:

    1. Size and appearance of pop-up notifications.
    2. Colors and size of widgets.
    3. Size of contacts image and Header.
    4. Disabling of functions like voice notes and animation.
    5. The color of the launcher icon.
    6. Colour and size of chat images and Header

    Send the video to size 30 MB instead of 16 MB, so now enjoy sending big video files with your friends.
    You can easily recall messages, schedule messages and much more.
    The above-mentioned features distinguish mod version from the original one and help users and servers in performing their tasks in quite an easy way.N ow install WhatsApp plus in your android phone and enjoy new features.


    Q1. Is WhatsApp plus available on Google play?
    Ans. As google play doesn’t offer cracked /modified version of apps, so, Whatsapp plus Apk is not available on google play store because it is the modified version of WhatsApp Apk (as mentioned above ).
    Q2. Is WhatsApp Plus free to download?
    Ans. Yes, it is completely free to download. Feel completely free to download WhatsApp + Apk.
    Q3. Why WhatsApp plus instead of regular/native WhatsApp?
    Ans. The original or regular Whatsapp provides you with limited features while Whatsapp plus enables you to use many amazing and modified features. It enables you to perform a number of tasks and has a wide range of amazing features.
    Q4. Does Whatsapp plus need rooted devices?
    Ans. No, it does not require rooted devices. You can easily install it on any android device. You don’t need rooted devices to install it.
    Q5. Is WhatsApp plus safe and secure to use?
    Ans. Although, it is a cracked version and has many advanced features no negative and un-secure feedbacks and aspects have been found. So yes it is safe and secure. No unusual activity has been reported.
    Q6. Is it possible to turn off your own online status and you can see the online status of your contacts?
    Ans. Yes, it is possible.
    Q7. Is it applicable for iPhone?
    Ans. Yes, it is applicable for iPhone.
    Q8. What is the app size?
    Ans. 36.5 Mb
    Q9. Do I have to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use this app?
    Ans. Yes, first uninstall the official and then install this version of WhatsApp in your phone.
    Q10. Is it great to use WhatsApp plus instead of original WhatsApp?
    Ans. Apparently and actually, yes, it’s best to use WhatsApp plus instead of the original WhatsApp application because it provides more features than the actual application.
    Final Words
    WhatsApp plus Apk is better and easier than the actual version (WhatsApp Apk) and provides a huge number of amazing features which interest with users towards this app. Yes, it’s a third party application or program. That’s why people always be concern about using it. 
    It is completely free and safe to download but unfortunately cannot be found on google play store. This app is doing its best in making communication easy and cheap and is one of the most used application. Its rating is increasing rapidly and it is the most used application nowadays. 
    It is the actual communicating app and does not limit the addition of contacts. It has influenced in lives of people in different ways and is not only used for domestic need but also for business need. No doubt, it’s a very helpful application consisting of amazing features and is playing a significant role in making communication more and easier. The best thing about this app is that it will never expire. With Whatsapp Mod Apk you will have everything that you won’t have in official Whatsapp. Just download the Latest 2019 version of Whatsapp Plus Apk from the given link and enjoy unlimited access to WhatsApp.

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