WiFi File Transfer APK Latest Download Free for Android

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WiFi File Transfer as the name of the application indicates that you can use it to transfer files from device to device without connecting data cables and USB. The app offers you to upload and download files from your Android device or tablet in excess of a WiFi connection. Besides, the transformation of documents is going to be blazing fast without any cost with this APK. 

Whenever you transfer files from your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC by using this tool. Then your PC and your Cell phone must be linked to the same network of WiFi. Otherwise, you can’t get your desired results. If you are using any public hotspot, at any public place, then please remember to use the authorization feature of the app and send an access password to the directed device to make sure that your files are not received by an authorized device. 

Moreover, WiFi File Transfer lets you use Google Chrome to transfer files. In Google Chrome you can easily upload a number of documents. This feature of this tool makes it an above rebuke app for sharing of documents in preponderance. You can share an even larger size of archives at a furious fast speed because of the application with WiFi connectivity. Having a cleaner interface, and authorization support, it is a useful and reliable application for all android users. 

Features of WiFi File Transfer APK

  • You can upload and download more than one folder at a time with this tool. 
  • You can upload up to 5MB larger folders with this free version of the app. 
  • With its built-in file manager interface, you can delete, rename, copy, zip and unzip files. 
  • WiFi file transfer lets you view photos directly in your web browser. 
  • The application allows you to access to external SD cards and USB storage devices. 
  • It works while your cellphone is in hotspot mode.
  • The tool works with passcode authentication. 
  • You can easily move archives from your phone to another device when connected to the same network. 
  • It is more reliable for a finding of the hotspot. 

Download the latest and free APK of this tool from the given URL link. Then install it on your android smartphone or tablet. Now start the transfer of documents at super-fast speed from one device to another device. You can also test the influence of this perfect application. Download its APK for free now. 

It is offered by smarter Droid and it requires Android 2.1 and up.

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