Winamp Music Player APK Download for Android

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You are here about to download the most radiant and most joyful media player of Winamp. This is one of the lightest apps for windows android phones and it is mostly compatible with android mobile phones. It was offered by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyreve in 1997.

Moreover, WinAMP Music Player is the most trustworthy and most consistent musical application. In addition to this, it comes with a huge media library. You can also add your favourite tracks to it. Besides, It is a fully-featured player and really customizable. 

This tool has got many astonishing features that you will get to experience once you download and install it from below on this page. It supports a wide range of file formats such as .tta, .ape, .mp3, .dff, .mpga, .dsf, .opus, .wav, .wv, .ogg, .mpc, .mod, .mo3, umx, .m4b, .m4a, .mp4, .it, .xm, .flac, .s3m, .mmt, and .acc.

It has the complete aspect and there is also the CUE sheet support in it. Besides, there are ten band equalizers and the Player has also UI dark and light version of Bliss Skin. 

The Winamp player automatically detects the data encoding in tabs. It also supports album arts too whether these are from the sticky tag or the folder files. In addition to this, it supports a wide range of playlists and an Internet radio.

Furthermore, this tool downmixes multi-channel audio files to the stereo system and audio files to monophonic sound. Besides, the app is able to register playing tracks as ringtones from it as well. There is also an option of repeat tracks, playlist or playback without going over.

The Winamp offers you to play the songs from your file manager by controlling playback from the notification bar in the Android version 3.0 and up. You can also control playback through headsets as well. 

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This is a really well-organized tool that sets your files in a pattern and template. You can easily sort your music files according to your way or you can sort them manually. It also supports filtering mode with the filtering mode of the app you can search for musical content and arrange them according to your style. You can delete any melody file from it by using deleting options and you can upload files from your external SD card or any folder on your device. 

You can definitely and rapidly add all songs from the selected folders with WinAMP for android. If you just love to play those music files without adding them to WinAMP. It definitely lets you play them from the file manager preferences. Additionally, it deliberates the typical lock screen for Android 4.0 and is newer with a sophisticated theme. The app works as a widget even for desktop screens as well. You may also download n7Player or Fusion music player from our site.


WinAMP is an incredible app with progressive features to improve your music experience. If you have not downloaded this astonishing free player yet, then download the latest APK file of WinAMP from the below-provided link. Install the app on your Android device or any other device running the Android operating system. Grab this elegant free media player and start to enjoy all songs in a way of new style on the go. It is really a fantastic media player go for it now! 

It is offered by Nullsoft and the required android is 2.1 or above. 

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