X APK (Twitter) v10.3.0 Free Download for Android

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The X APK old (Twitter) is a completely free online social App that allows you to connect with the people whom you love most. Express yourself and find out more about all the things you like most. Download the best social application in instant moments ever on this page for free. You need to just sign up for the X app with an email ID that you already have. It will provide a complete wall to you for your feeds. Where you can express yourself in several ways and let those who follow you and you can follow others as well.

About X APK Formerly Known as Twitter:

Grab the astonishing app of X App (Twitter) and start following your favourite celebrities. Besides, you can follow famous sportsmen/women political figures and other popular people around the world. So, you will get notifications about their most recent events and activities to get in touch with them. You can also get closer to very nearly who interests you.

By following the world’s top newspapers and news channels on the X platform. To be the first one to get breaking news, top stories through immersive pics, clips, and discussions. Stays informed with local and global news that matters to you most. Similarly, get awareness and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.

X APK (Twitter)

Tweets on X APK have actually been extended to 10,000 characters. So, you have to express yourself in the specified space while expressing your thoughts out in a particular range of words. You can also express yourself with text, photos, emojis, emoticons, videos, GIFs and Vines. Tweets are visible to the public by default but the users can confine the visibility of their specific Tweets to only their fans and followers.

More about Twitter:

the X App is further than just a place to read and send Tweets. Where you can like and comments on the tweets of the people you are following. You can use the symbol @ to bring up a user in your comment. Moreover, if you want to reply to just a particular person.

You can also forward an individual’s Tweet and redirect it to your own feed by retweeting. Whenever you want to send a message to inform of Tweet to somebody and you don’t want it to be publicly visible, you can do so by writing a private message to people on it. There is a word limitation while writing a private message to whom you love most on X APK.

In addition to this, it lets to use “hashtags”. The symbol # is prefaced with a word (#FIFA COPA America Cup), (#FIFA Euro Cup). To catch all the news about certain subjects debated on it and find more Tweets about topics you like most.

X APK (Twitter)


In conclusion, you can share your Tweets with the Apps such as WhatsApp Plus, Facebook, LINE, Kik, email and through SMS. You can also link Tweets to different sites like YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest and Pandora. The X app is one of the best social media platforms to get the fastest updates from everywhere and everyone around the world.

Download the free app on your Android device, smartphone and tablet to become a part of the incredible World. Tap on the following link to download the APK file of this most loving social site. Enjoy Tweeting and following your loving and favourite personalities on it.

The app offered by X Corp and the required Android are 4.2 and up. You can download it from Google Play or you can download it by following the below given download link.

Download X APK for Android:

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