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BeReal APK is a great social media platform that would be a better option after Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If we are not wrong then it is a top alternative to Facebook. This new social media source lets you see the activities at certain times of the day. In fact, it is a simple platform to share your photos with your friends. You will add friends and create your own stories.

Moreover, this application sends a notification every day at a different time to capture a photo or make a video and post it within two minutes. Capture and post a picture in time to discover what your friends are doing, because your friends will receive the same prompt at the same time.

BeReal APK comes with a unique idea to help you share real moments of your life with your friends and colleagues. You can add the people or contacts you want to exchange photos, videos or life moments with them.

Apart from this, you can also make groups to share photos and videos within a limited time after getting notifications every day at different times. You have uploaded everything within 2 minutes. Your acquaintances will have the same period of time to react to your shared content.

Moreover, you can also react to the share contents of your friends and coworkers by using text, emojis and pictures. It doesn’t store your share content for a long time and your shared content disappears just the next day. So, you cannot store a huge amount of content on this social media platform for years.

BeReal APK

What is Actually BeReal APK?

If you don’t know about this app, then read this paragraph more closely.

It is a social media platform that alerts all its users simultaneously at a random time every day. In fact, it gives you just two minutes to stop and take a picture of your surroundings. The main object of this app is to take away the care you take when creating a Facebook post or an Instagram story and force you to be more real.

Moreover, on BeReal APK, once you share your post, you can also check the post of your other friends to see what they were doing at the same time. This application was released in 2020, but its popularity increased a lot in mid of 2022. It has been downloaded more than 27 million times throughout the world. This app breaks the download record of Facebook.

BeReal APK

In addition to this, most users who use this platform have admitted that they enjoy zooming in on their office colleagues’ computer screens and seeing what they are writing in an email or what they are writing while creating a post on BeReal.

On this social media platform, you can comment on your friends’ BeReal posts and can have chat with all their friends. You can also react to the post with a Real Imoji.

Similarly, this amazing app lets you see your friends in the Globe when they post their BeReal pictures. You can respond with your emojis as stickers in your chat when you are in chatting with friends. Besides, you can also access your earlier bereal post in a file.

Additional Information about this App:

Package Name:                                 BeReal APK

Category:                                          Free Social App

License:                                             Free

Offered by:                                      Alexis Barreyat/ BeReal

Supported Language:                     English

Operating System:                          Android OS

Required Android:                           Android 5.0 and up

Available on:                                    Google Play

BeReal APK

Frequently Ask Question:

How does the BeReal APK work?

As discussed above it is a reliable social media platform to communicate with your friends and acquaintances through capture photos in a short time duration you have after the app sends you an alert.

Is this App safe to use?

Yes, of course, it is a trustworthy app and it is absolutely safe to use for all users around the world.

Is it free to use?

Again the answer is yes. In fact, this social network application is free and you don’t need to pay in order to enjoy all its amazing features where you capture pictures to share with other users of this platform.

BeReal APK

Where I should download the BeReal APK for Free?

Users can download it from Play Store. However, you can also download BeReal APK for your Android devices from osappsbox just with a simple tap an instant. It is free to download.

Who is the Developer of this App?

The French guy Alexis Barreyat is the developer of this trending social media platform. He just invented it in 2020, but it really trends in 2022. So, now this app becomes the most downloadable in its category.

BeReal APK

Final Words:

BeReal APK is the latest social network tool that was built in 2020 by a dedicated French developer Alexis Barreyat. In fact, it is an amazing premise for all Android users. It looks great and runs smooth as honey. So, download its free APK from our site and start enjoying photos, videos and other real-life moments in a simple way with your friends and colleagues.

BeReal APK

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