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Kaguya Player APK is a Japanese Simulation game with lovable characters, exciting gameplay, and stunning 2D graphics. Belonging to the NSFW category, this app is intended for the adult audience. It has an anime-like look and attractive visuals to keep you engaged. The game is free from ads and contains no in-app purchases. If you are interested in this simulating game then download it from osappsbox for free of cost. Besides, you can get it just by tapping on the given direct download URL source.

Adult games are undoubtedly popular, however, most of them have in-app purchases and run ads. Besides, there are only a few adult apps with an anime vibe. So if you are into anime and like adult gaming applications, you would have to struggle a lot to find the right app.

KaguyaPlayer App has a cast of lovely characters and an erotic storyline. Moreover, it has different modes, accessories, and other elements to keep players hooked. It is not available on Google Play due to adult content and erotic graphics. Fret not, you can install the adult app here by simply clicking on the download link available here.

What is a Kaguya Player?

This application contains multiple good-looking, anime-like fictional characters. The player is in charge of creating their own story, changing the appearance of the character, and giving them different tasks. It will unlock many options and tasks as you progress. Moreover, the player is not restricted to certain tasks and is free to perform whatever actions they want with the characters.

If you do not feel like playing, enable the auto mode for the story to play automatically. You can adjust the speed of the autoplay and enjoy the game as a viewer. Each character has a unique voice, in addition, audio settings and background music can be adjusted. Interestingly, players can tweak the interface by changing the location of the menu and settings.

What are the key Features of the KaguyaPlayer App?

Now you have the primary idea of Kaguya Player, it’s time to know this application a little more deeply. So, let’s have a look at the key features of this app to get a deeper understanding of this application.

Captivating storyline

Like other anime games, it also has a captivating storyline. There are no missions or tasks, you can do whatever you want for your survival. However, there would be tons of obstacles. It makes the game even more interesting and fun to play for beginners.

Anime characters

If you are a die-hard anime lover, this game application is specifically developed for you. The game features a variety of anime characters but you would love Princess Kaguya(the main character). She has an impressive personality so you would truly enjoy watching her on the go.

Sound effects

To make the game even more fun, there are a variety of sound effects as well. You can turn on and turn off the sound anytime.

Easy controls and good graphics

This game has the easiest controls, you can play it while standing, sitting, and even laying down without any hassle. Furthermore, it has good graphics which makes it more immersive, visually appealing and improves the overall experience.

Auto mode

The most incredible feature of Kaguya Player is its auto mode. You can leave the manual play and switch to auto mode to run the gameplay and story anytime anywhere.

Multiple language support

This application supports multiple languages so everyone can play this game. So, if you do not speak or understand English, you can switch to any other language and play this game.

UI mirroring

You can also move the app menu from the right side to the left side. It makes it easier for you to navigate and interact with the interface.


Lastly, this game will entertain players for hours without having them do much. Players can tweak the character’s appearance, adjust settings, and save progress to start where they left off.

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