NekoPoi APK (Latest) v4.0 Free Download for Android

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Are you an anime fan? If the answer is yes, this post is for you. As you are about to be introduced to an amazing Android app where you can watch similar videos. So, if you do not have time to search and find good content, we would suggest you download this app. It’s free, easy, and fun to use. This application is known as Nekopoi. You do not have to search for the application on Play Store or APK websites. The link is given in this post.

Animation has been ruling our hearts since the day it was introduced. It appears that nothing can replace it, it will continue ruling our hearts. Whether it’s kids, teenagers, or even adults, no one wants to miss a chance to watch anime.

There was a time when watching such content was hard. You could only watch it in cinemas or a few websites online. However, the situation right now is quite the opposite. There are thousands of ways to watch anime. However, the easiest and most forgiving of all the options is these Android applications. One can download this tool from our site for free of cost.

What is NekoPoi APK?

Neko Poi is a platform where you can watch all top-rated anime films, series, and videos on your Android phone. This app is free to use and has the most user-friendly interface. Above all, the graphics are pretty impressive as well. Therefore, you should try it. It does not contain any virus or something, it would not harm your device at all.

All you have to do is download the application and signup. Your favorite content would show up on your screen. Explore the option, hit the play button, and enjoy.

Key Features of NEKO POI Anime App:

Well, we all love anime series, however, due to the lack of a free, dedicated platform, fans miss out on most of the anime-related content. Not anymore, this application is brimming with useful features and animated content. Moreover, it has a cool design befitting the animation theme.

Still not convinced? Here, learn more about the app and its offerings

Anime Content

It gathers the classic, popular, and latest anime shows in one place. Watch and enjoy these shows online using an internet or data connection.


If you are going someplace with no internet connectivity, download as many anime series as you want to play later. The downloaded animated shows are stored in internal memory and can be easily accessed.

Several Servers

The app features several streaming servers. Therefore, if the one you chose does not work, switch to another one to start live streaming.


Often, such apps require the use of a VPN. However, NekoPoi App allows users to stream endlessly without any VPN.

Nekopoi APK

Pin Lock

In addition, it comes with an integrated pin lock to make sure no one opens this portal without your permission.

Good Audio & Video Quality

Despite the fact that it is not an official platform, the streaming app has impeccable audio and video quality.

Search Option

Search by genre or type the name of your favorite series in the search bar to save time.

Free of Cost

Unlike famous streaming platforms, this application does not charge even a single cent from its users.


Anime fans are notified of the latest updates and the new shows added to the app. Plus, there is a dedicated ‘New Videos’ section to let users know about recent uploads.

User Interface

Due to its simple and categorized layout, it is easy for fans to navigate to their favorite shows.

Final Summary:

In final summary, Nekopoi is a tool you can use to watch animation easily. Besides, it offers anime-allied Japanese streaming content, which consists of lots of animated movies, television programs, and other entertainment stuff for people of all ages. So, if you are tired of finding websites to access your favorite content, you should “really” give this app a chance. Therefore, download it from the provided URL source free of cost.

Download NekoPoi APK:

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