PLDT Wifi Hacker Apk v1.0 Download For Android

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So, you are a tech nerd and you enjoy using password-protected public-facing wifi’s. If you are interested in using the WIFI of your neighbor or friend without asking for the password, you can use the pldt wifi hacker app by installing the apk provided in the link.

About PLDT Wifi Hacker

pldt wifi hacker is developed for PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone-based) networks and it effectively works for these networks.

You can easily hack the PLDT networks if you follow the article, install APK and use the PLDT wifi hacker app properly as per the guidance provided.

Apk Details

NamePLDTWiFi Password
Package Namebloodsecurity
Required Android4.4 and Uo

How the app work

To use this tool you have to download the apk on your smartphones or tablet.
Once installed PLDT wifi hacker allows the user to connect to a PLDT network.

The idea is to generate a default password for the PLDT wifi modem which is used to access PLDT based networks. Once the default password is set you are good to go.

Note: PLDT Wifi hacker app will only work on PLDT based network connections. It has the ability to only break the default password incase it is not changed by the network owner.

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How to Use PLDT WiFi APK

  • Download the PLDT WiFi hacker APK file using the link provided.
  • The file is in zip format, once downloaded Unzip and run the apk installer on your Android device.
  • Open the app.
  • Turn on your phone’s WIFI, as the app needs to search for WIFI networks.
  • Scan for available networks using the scan option.
  • Let the app scan for available PLDT based networks.
  • If a network is detected the app will try to hack its password.
  • if the app succeeds in breaking the password it will show you the default password for the network hacked.


Have a look at what other users of the app asking about.

Can I hack all networks using the PLDT WIFI Hacker APP?

No, you cannot hack all networks using this app. As mentioned in the article, the app is developed to hack PLDT based networks only.

Is it safe to use the app?

As you are using the app to hack other people’s networks you might get caught during the process. other than that there is no risk in using the app.

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