SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher APK Latest for Android

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Boost up your device battery life with SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher. It doesn’t slow down your phone and enhances the life of your phone’s battery. Download this astonishing launcher from for free.

High spot android smartphones have astonishing battery life from the time when they don’t multitask have no Wi-Fi/LTE or run any commodity that is continuously linked with the net. They’re essential, and as a consequence, control that drives on for a great interval of time. Be that as it may, perhaps, our android device smartphones are the PCs of nowadays. We do just almost the whole thing a PC and an essential cell phone might do on a solitary tool. What’s more, that needs a ton of battery strength. 

The disconsolate part is we can’t do a great deal more than turn over stuff off on our Android devices to save money. There are several apps on the Google play store. That can viably hinder the battery life on our Android devices and smartphones for quite a while still, none is going to do it like the necessary element of tools.

Besides, that is the place SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher comes in! It cuts the keen from your device and makes it capabilities like an essential cellphone with just Calls, Text Messages, and other important purposes. The app disables Wi-Fi and Cellular statistics (2G/3G/LTE) and kills all running apps and controls on your device/smartphone or tablet. 

It also shows missed calls and text messages on your device screen. For the extra restrained spread of your device battery, the app also has complementary settings. In addition to this, you can get TSF Launcher APK for free from our site. In fact, it is one of the most elegant launcher applications we recommend for you.

More about SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher APK:

The Ultra Power Saving Mode (OLED Mode) turns the home screen display into great contrast as a result high-class white pixels on the screen increase power, not the whole platform. The app is much useful and helpful for android smartphones with AMOLED illustrations. The app lets you bring modifications administrator to energy saves mode.

It also incapacitates 2 interiors of a Quad centre cellphone. But be sure and must keep in mind this needs root access. One of the unique functions of this application is it alerts you when the power is below 15%. It can also notify you to switch your default launcher to SOS Launcher. Thus it might begin a great deal with your device. 

SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher is a home screen replacement. That has an Ultra energy-saving mode for your device to help you extend battery life when you are running short of charge. Moreover, it also lets up to four apps on the home screen of your android cell phone.

In addition to this, whenever your device power goes down lower than 15%. It beeps an alarm to clear the defaults for your existing launcher. After successfully clearing, set it as the default home screen, and the app would take care of the battery. When you left the app, it would clear itself as the default one. So, you can able to start making use of your most desired launcher back. 


SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher
SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher
SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher
SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher

So, download the latest APK file of SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher for free just follow the below given downloading link. Install it on your Android device to keep expanding your phone’s battery life whenever you are going out of charge. Keep visit to our site for free android apps and games. Stay tuned. It is developed by Webzler Solutions Inc. and it requires Android 4.0 and up. 

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