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Zolaxis Patcher APK is a solid injector program to bring cheats to the famous online MLBB game. With it, you can adjust your visual presence while playing Mobile Legend Bang Bang. In fact, gamers can easily access all skins for free with the help of this wonderful package.

You will definitely explore lots of free items, and objects with this mod application. Besides, it lets you use all the pro objects of the ML games for free. You can find your favorite object and can use it in the game. Additionally, NC Injector APK will also work for the same prospect.

About Zolaxis Patcher:

With this Patcher, you can change your visual appearance at any time. The patch of this helps you to have different outfits and even change them as well at any time. You can pick your most loved element from the bundle of different varieties of items.

Moreover, you can get more fun and excitement with its great features. Zolaxis Patcher offers various kinds of elements for MLBB gaming heroes.  You can also get your favorite items and inject them into the gameplay for free of cost. Apart from this, it doesn’t create any physical connection with the official game.

You can also find multiple kinds of characters through this application. Similarly, this software injects the objects into the official game by injecting object code directly. So, you do not need to provide any login information. Use this software to download lots of mobile legends avatars for free, with no bans and detections.

It also provides multiple objects that have different aspects containing colors and marksman and you can use them to boost the appearance of your character. The bugs’ fixer of this tool helps you remove various bugs in skins and can easily fix them.

Zolaxis Patcher

Features of Zolaxis Patcher APK:

This injector tool comes with lots of amazing features and pro objects. So, you can use them according to your plan and according to the role of your gaming hero. Following are the unbelievable and amazing aspects of this tool.

  • Marksman: You can find almost 63 Marksman Skins in this section such as Ganger 5, Claude 5, Lasley 5, Hanabi 5, Moskov 5, Kimmy 5, Irithel 5, Bruno 5, Miya 5, Roger 3, Layla 3, Yi Sunshine 5, Wanwan 2, Karrie 6, Popol 2, Clint 2 and Kupa 2.
  • Assassin Skins: 53 Assasin Skins are available which are Gusion 5, Selena 5, Ling 5, Funny 5, Lancelot 5, Hayabusa 5, Helcurt 5, Nanzo 2, Natalia 5, Karina 5 Benedetta, 1, and Saber 5.
  • Mage: 53 Mage Skins such as Kagura 5, Valir 5, Aurora 5, Odette 5, Hartih 5, Harley 5, Nana 5, Lunox 5, Zhask 4, Esmeralda 4, Lylia 4, Pharsa 3,  cecilion 2, Kadita 2, and Lou Yi 2.
  • Fighter Skins: There are 68 fighter skins including Chou 5, Aldous 5, Guinevere 5, Roger 5,  Jawhead 5, Alucard 5, Badang 5, X brog 5, Freya 5, Leomord 5, Zilong 4, Terizia 3, Yuzhong 3, Masha 3, Thamuz 2, Silvanna 3, and Dyrroth 3.
  • Support: Zolaxis Patcher offers more than 17 support Skins available such as Estes 4, Angela 5, Nana 5, Diggie 4, Cramilla 1, and Kaia 4.
  • Tank: Besides more than 31 tank skins which are Uranus 5, Khufra 5, Johnson 5, Grock 5, Franco 5, Lolita 3, Minotaur 3, Gatotkaca 2, and Atlas 3.
Zolaxis Patcher

Additional Features:

  • Zolaxis Patcher lets many other stunning aspects well which are as follows.
  • It offers a simple ABC file system with the latest and improvised UI.
  • You will explore complete skill effects, and fix emotes and recalls.
  • It provides a drone view from 1X to 10X with different angles. You will also find more than 22 recall effects and more than 20 emotes.
  • Moreover, you will get more than 10 new eliminations with multiple colorful maps.
  • This App also offers lots of other features that you can use on your personal device.
  • In addition to this, it lets you all one bugs fixer and you can easily remove all the bugs.
  • Consequently, you can use your favorite skin from the bundles of skins.  
  • You can add your desired items and also add sounds for emotes and recalls.
Zolaxis Patcher


Zolaxis Patcher Injector is said to be the most comprehensive and the favorite of the gamer of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In addition, this magnificent App definitely will help you to enjoy playing the MLBB game. Please remember it doesn’t work with non-supporting flash player devices.

So, before installing kindly make sure your mobile supports the flash player or not. Now you can download the latest version of this injector App from the given download URL for free. Install it on your Android device and start to add different characters on the go. Besides, you may also download Ark Injector, Box Skin Injector, and other similar tools from our site for free.

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