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If you’re into adult simulation games, House Chores APK is a must-try for you. As the name implies, the player will be stepping into the shoes of a house owner who has to finish given tasks on time. However, it is not only about cooking, cleaning, and organizing, it has an interesting plot to keep you hooked and make you come back for more.

While there are plenty of adult games in the market, the majority of them are lacking in one way or another. The key element that’s missing is an engaging storyline. Also, such apps are just loaded with ads, allowing you to progress only if you watch ad videos.

Thankfully, you would not be facing any of the aforesaid problems with the House Chores mod apk. It features an intriguing storyline allowing players to make hot and smart choices. Your choices will have consequences, giving you numerous opportunities to build excitement and turn the table.

What is the House Chores APK?

It follows the story of a young university student who is on a summer vacation. The player would be living with a hot woman and bonding with her over household chores. It becomes more exciting when two stunning women come to live with the young student. Now, you can develop relationships with any woman of your choice and complete tasks and missions.

This adult app values the choices of the gamer and whatever happens in the game would be the consequence of their choice and actions. As you progress, you’ll get to unlock gear to attract more women, for instance, clothing, accessories, etc.

In addition to this, the Housechore app is for adults only as it features some inappropriate content so it is not suitable for minors and underage kids. On the other hand, Kaguya Player APK is another amazing simulation application for fans who love to play simulation games.

House Chores APK

What are the Key Features of the HouseChores App?

Sounds promising? If you are planning to download this app, it’s important to know it more deeply. So, let’s have a look at the top features of the app that will force you to download it.

Multiple characters

There are three different characters in the game. All of the females and a total hottie. You have to live with them, build connections, and enjoy the journey.


Just like in the real world, you can take hot women on dates. You can pick anyone from the three ladies, talk, do tasks, and build memories. You can also break up and date some other women as well, each experience will be unique and fun.

Twist and turns

The House Chores has a lot of twists and turns to keep the players engaged. The unexpected twists and turns create suspense, encourage you to do critical thinking, and give a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Make choices

You can also make choices in the game like you do in Lost Life and other games. Each of the decisions you would take would have a direct or indirect impact on your relationship with the girl. So, the challenge is to make better choices. Otherwise, you would not be considered a responsible boyfriend.

Amazing graphics

The best thing about this app is that it has the most amazing graphics. Graphics enhance the visual appeal and make the game look more realistic, engaging, and enjoyable.

No ads

This game is a totally endless entertainment package. It is because it shows no ads at all, you can play it without any interruptions. Above all, the developer is not planning to include ads anytime in future as well.


Even though doing household chores is daunting in real life, this app presents them in a fun way. All in all, it is fun and exciting and lets you have a good time. So, wait no more, install the app, build relationships, and have intimate scenes, all for free. Download the free APK file from the given URL link.

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